A Plan For The Brownlow Medal 2022

The Brownlow Medal, awarded to the best player in the Australian Football League, has been around since 1959. The prize is awarded to players that have performed above-averagely throughout the season. The award developers have already announced the changes for the upcoming award year, and it doesn’t look like things will change much for this season or in 2022.

What is the Brownlow Medal

The Brownlow Medal is an Australian player of the year award in the Australian Football League (AFL). It was first awarded in 1926 and is considered one of the biggest and most prestigious awards in Australian sport.

There are several candidates for the award each year, and the voting process is complex. The voting panel comprises media members, former players, coaches, and umpires. Each of these people casts one vote, and the player with the most votes wins the award.

There have been several famous Brownlow Medalists over the years, including Norm Smith (three times), Gary Ablett (four times), and Corey Ellis (five times). The most recent recipient is Patrick Dangerfield, who won the award in 2016.

History of the award

The Brownlow Medal is one of the most prestigious awards that a player can receive in Australian football. The award was first given in 1879 and is named after Sir James W. Brownlow, the secretary of the Victorian Football Association.

The Brownlow Medal is awarded to the player who has played the best overall football throughout the season. This means players from both sides of the ball are eligible for the award. The voting process is also very complicated, with several judges voting on each player.

The winners of the Brownlow Medal are usually decided by pure statistics rather than by how well a player performs in individual matches. This is because it is difficult to judge how a player did in an individual match when so many other factors are at play. For example, a good goal kicker may not score as many goals in an individual match if his team loses by a large margin.

The Winner

The Brownlow Medal is one of the most prestigious awards in Australian sport. It is given to the player adjudged to have played the best overall game during the season. This year, it is up for grabs as both Richmond and Adelaide are in contention.

Richmond has been dominant throughout the season, and they are currently leading the race with 54 points. They have won 14 games this season, more than any other team. However, Adelaide has been playing some great football recently, and they can certainly catch up with Richmond if they continue to play at their best.

If Richmond wins the Brownlow Medal, it will be their fifth straight medal in this category. They have dominated Australian sports for a long time, and it would be great to see them win another prestigious award.

What’s happening in 2022?

The Brownlow Medal is an Australian football award for the season’s best player. It is named after Sir Robert Brownlow, a former president of the Victorian Football League. The AFL Media Group awards the Brownlow Medal at the AFL Annual Awards night. You can watch Brownlow online on Channel 7 website.

In 2022, the Brownlow Medal will be awarded to the season’s best player. Here are five predictions for who will win the award that year.

  1. Patrick Cripps ( Carlton Blues)
  2. Josh Kennedy ( Sydney Swans)
  3. Nat Fyfe ( Fremantle Dockers)
  4. Josh Kelly ( Adelaide Crows)
  5. Tom Lynch ( Melbourne Football Club)


With the 2018 AFL season well underway, now is a great time to reflect on what might be possible for the Brownlow Medal this year. With so many talented players in the competition, predicting who will take the prestigious trophy can be quite daunting. However, with some preparation and strategic thinking, it is possible to put together a plan to see you crowned as the victor.

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