The Seychelles, located in the Indian Ocean, isn’t the most evident road trip choice. It is more like a “visit a beautiful beach, unwind on a hammock, and read a good book while sipping delicious drinks” kind of destination. The islands, though, are more than just beaches and sunny skies. The biggest and most diverse of the islands, Mahé is where the majority of tourists land.

It’s worth visiting Mahé, one of the preferred locations for dream weddings in the Seychelles whether you’re on a Seychelles layover or traveling into Mahé on your journey to Praslin or La Digue. So here’s our one-day Seychelles road trip itinerary, which includes the top things to do in Mahé. If you drive straight through, it will take you roughly three hours. You’ll really like to take your time because there are over 20 beaches, vistas, eateries, as well as a rum distillery along the road.



Begin your journey through the Seychelles in Victoria, the capital of the country. Despite the fact that it is home to a third of the country’s population, this is Africa’s smallest state capital. Before you leave, take a stroll around Victoria’s attractions. Early in the morning, the market is very active, with fisherman selling their catch alongside fruit and vegetable vendors, handicrafts, scented spices, and souvenirs.

The Victoria Clocktower, which resembles a miniature Big Ben, is another attraction. When the Seychelles became a British colony in 1903, a replica of the clock on Vauxhall Bridge in London was carried over. A cathedral, a vibrantly colored Hindu temple, Natural History Museum, and Botanical Gardens with spice groves and mini rainforest can also be found. However, since you’re in the Seychelles, you would not want to spend the entire day in the capital, therefore leave Victoria and travel east along Mahé’s coastline.


The island’s east shore is the most developed and some Mahe, Seychelles resorts are located here, however as you reach the airport and the Eden Island development, things start to calm down. This could explain why the Takamaka rum distillery is located here. Originally used to distill cinnamon and patchouli oils and make coconut oil, it is part of a 200-year-old estate.

This former plantation house, now a restaurant and the distillery’s headquarters, has been restored to its former magnificence. You can take a tour if you arrive between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m., otherwise, take a stroll through the historic medical gardens and load up on rum at the store. Anse Royale,  Anse Parnel, Anse Bougainville, and Anse Forbans are all located further down the coast.

The beaches on this side of the island aren’t the best. They’re a little narrow, and seaweed washes up on occasion. However, this is based on Seychelles ideals, where even the worst beaches have palm trees,  golden sand, and crystal clear blue seas. Nevertheless, there are still some lovely locations such as the small cove to the north of Anse Royale, which is isolated from the main beach by a stack of perfectly placed granite slabs that look like they came right out of a painting.


The island narrows here, thus heading inward from Anse Forbans takes roughly 10 minutes to reach the west coast. With beaches backed by verdant jungle-covered hills, this part of the island is calmer and more rugged. Resting on their golden beaches is among the most common activities to do in Mahé, and you can choose from a whole string of magnificent beaches. 

You’ll have to take a detour and down one of the narrow twisting roads to get to them because they’re usually situated back from the main road. Anse Intendance, to the south, features the Banyan Tree, a Seychelles beach resort on one end but is normally desolate and ideal for swimming or snorkeling on the other. Then there’s Anse Takamaka, which has the Chez Batista bar and restaurant, as well as Petite Anse, which is only accessible via the Four Seasons Hotel.

There is a beach café where you can eat lunch in Anse Soleil, a small cove at the bottom of a steep road.  They provide a variety of Asian meals as well as local seafood (and if you’re feeling brave fruit bats). Anse Louis, further north, is a long, empty expanse of sand.

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Follow the signs to North Point once you’ve returned to the outskirts of Victoria. This will take you all the way up the peninsula to the island’s furthest northern point. The beaches of Anse Étoile and Anse Nord d’Est, a lonely strip of sand with an abandoned hotel construction at one end, are passed along the journey. Around Northeast and North Points, the road hugs the cliff edge, providing vistas down to secret coves at the cliff’s base.


Turn inland and take the Sans Souci route up to the mountains after you reach the outskirts of Port Glaud. Hiking in Morne Seychellois National Park is one of the fun things to do in Seychelles. It is a quarter of the size of Mahé, with a diverse range of landscapes ranging from coastal mangroves to thick rainforest summits. The road zigzags steeply over tight hairpin turns, so panoramic vistas back down to the ocean are not far away.

There are some sites to visit along the road, including a destroyed missionary school from the 1870s and a functional tea plantation from which you can have a complimentary 20-minute factory tour and purchase some of their teas. Also on your way are the starting points for some of Mahé’s best trails.

The path from the tea factory to the top of Morne Blanc, as well as the road to the Trois Frères cliffs, are also worth seeing. They offer spectacular views and take approximately two hours round trip, plus an additional hour if you wish to reach the Trois Frères’ peak. If that’s too much for you, the ride back down provides a spectacular vista of Victoria and the east coast.


Before returning to Victoria, stop in Beau Vallon, the location of the best beach hotels in Seychelles. Although Beau Vallon is Mahé’s most popular beach, it is not overrun with sun loungers and high-rise hotels. This broad stretch of sand provides lots of room and a stretch of shady palms and takamaka trees to provide shade. Oftentimes, there are many vendors who sell fresh coconuts and local fruit at the beach’s edge. You can also get curries or grilled fish in the evening market if you go on a Wednesday.

Otherwise, dinner at Vascos in Story Seychelles Resorts, one of the hotels in Beau Vallon is a great choice. This is the ideal place to start your day with a full breakfast or end it with a hearty meal. This exquisite restaurant in Seychelles has both indoor and outdoor dining and is open-air, bright, and contemporary in design. The buffet and live stations offer a fusion of international and Creole cuisines, with a supper theme that changes daily. Then, to round off a great Mahé Seychelles road trip, a sunset cocktail on the beach is all that’s required.

Staying in Story Seychelles is also an option. It is The Best Beach Resort on the Island of Mahe and they have the most luxurious private villas in Seychelles. Located near Beau Vallon Beach, one of Mahè’s most opulent neighborhoods, only 10 minutes from Victoria (the capital), 5 minutes from Morne Seychelles National Park, and 20 minutes from Seychelles International Airport.

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