A New Homeowner’s Guide to Renovating a Garage

A decent garage can be more than a place to just park your cars. It’s an excellent location to do an oil change or use as overflow storage. And after a garage renovation, it can add up to 20% value to your home.

That said, renovating a garage is quite an undertaking. It may take weeks, thousands of dollars, and leave you without a place to park your vehicles in the interim. But it’s well worth the effort, and we have some garage ideas so you can do it right.

Keep reading for a new homeowner’s guide to garage renovation or a garage remodel.

Renovating a Garage With New Flooring

Concrete is passé, collects stains, and doesn’t make your garage look very special. Choosing a new material not only improves its overall appearance, but its properties too.

If you are fine with concrete, then you should consider getting it resurfaced. Improving your home in this way can save you money rather than installing a new floor.

Decide on flooring based on your everyday usage. If you plan to do a lot of mechanical work, you’ll need stainproof flooring. But if you only plan to store vehicles, then a more affordable surface will do.

Let’s look at some of the floor options you have:

  • Vinyl: a good choice if there is minimal traffic in and out
  • VCT: durable tile that has a wax coating for protection
  • Interlocking plastic tiles: easy to install, and cheap to replace
  • Rubber flooring: good choice for multipurpose garages, such as a gym

Choosing the Right Color Scheme for a New Garage

This one should be pretty straightforward. Most people will be fine with a plain color. But if you’re planning to make a showroom or a man cave, you may enjoy a more colorful palette.

Make sure the paint is waterproof and resilient. Garages can get hot and humid during the long summers, which can lead to slow material damage.

Consider replacing the walls as well. Concrete is not great for insulation, so you might knock down the walls and rebuild them. This can help you get better thermal dynamics since your garage is an unventilated space.

Further, this helps to regulate the temperature in other rooms. Your garage likely shares a wall with an adjoining living room or bedroom. Having insulation can keep that room nice and warm–or cool.

Should You Include Insulation in a Detached Garage?

With a detached garage, you may think that there’s no need for any type of insulation. But this isn’t true. Insulation regulates the temperature in the garage, which keeps your vehicle at proper storage temperatures.

High heat during the summer can degrade the materials in your vehicle. Deep cold can drain the battery and make it impossible to start it the next morning. Insulation helps it to maintain the right temperature throughout all seasons.

Replacing or Renovating the Roof

A good roof is as important as any other part of the garage. Poor insulation will also be a significant factor in temperature regulation.

Check for leaks. Water damage is a huge risk in the garage, even with a good drainage system.

Be on the lookout for any openings for bugs and critters. Fauna love garages because they are safe, warm places where they can hide. Rat infestations often begin in a garage, so prepare rat poison if you notice droppings.

Choosing the Right Garage Door

A high-quality garage door can last for over a decade with minimal maintenance. Make sure it has insulation, as this is the primary location where heat radiates in or out.

Find a motor that is capable of lifting the garage door. Many owners cheap out, getting the lowest horsepower possible. If you do that, then the motor will struggle and wear out faster over time.

Do not attempt to install the garage door by yourself. The reason why is because the garage door spring is extremely dangerous. Mess with it, and you could suffer life-threatening injuries.

Include Loft Storage

Most garages have plenty of clearance above the garage door motor for storage. Too many owners fail to take advantage of the space. It’s really very easy to drill in some loft storage racks.

Make sure you install these so that they are not difficult access. You could theoretically maximize your space by filling out the entire ceiling area. Generally speaking, it’s better to place your racks with easy access points.

Take the time to locate wall studs to secure these racks. If you don’t, then there is a very good chance the racks will detach and come crashing down. This could happen at a very unfortunate moment, such as when you are walking beneath it.

Consider Adding Windows

Garages are often stuffy places with only artificial lighting. If you want to brighten up the place and make it a bit more inviting, then consider some windows. Even high loft windows that serve no purpose other than design are a great addition.

That said, keep in mind the potential risk that this introduces for theft. Make sure the windows are secure and will not make it easy for anyone to break in. Your cars and expensive tools are valuable targets for any thief.

Begin Your Garage Renovation Today

Renovating a garage is tough work, but it’s well worth it for improving home value and making the most of the space. The above are some excellent garage renovation ideas, but the opportunities are limitless. Build the garage you want and customize it to your needs.

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