A New Book on Healthcare and IoT by Dr Kayyali, ranked one of best selling

In healthcare, the term “innovation” has traditionally been reserved for the development of new therapies, drugs, or medical devices. As both private and public efforts to reform the American healthcare system gain momentum, it is clear that innovation must be explored in a broader context, one that examines previously underdeveloped opportunities in areas such as data analytics, consumer behavior, provider incentives, and process improvement in care delivery.

There are many forces driving the need for innovation. The traditional encounter-based care delivery model is being overwhelmed as a result of the growth in demand driven by retiring Baby Boomers and the rapidly increasing prevalence of chronic disease. There are looming shortages of key providers. Costs are too high and rising. Even our productivity is suffering.

A new book was released by Dr Kayyali Mohamed, chartered scientist and business entrepreneur, the book which is available on amazon,  covering the basic concept and bold line in healthcare cross smart cities, how IoT and cutting-edge innovation technology will shape healthcare industry towards smart cities and smart hospitals. 11 chapters included in this book, explaining the effectiveness and awareness of great industry.

Dr Kayyali has published over 5 books, his 1st book on image processing is indexed by the library of congress in the USA and major libraries world-wide. The book consist of 10 chapters , Chapter 1 Expansion of the Healthcare System, Chapter 2 IoT renovating Healthcare, Chapter 3 Internet of Medical Thing IoM, Chapter 4 Blockchain and Healthcare, Chapter 5 Optimize Healthcare Facility Operation via IoT , Chapter 6 IoT Transformation in Healthcare, Chapter 7 Smart Medical Devices and IoT for Smart City, Chapter 8 Smart Hospitals ,Chapter 9 IFGICT and ITU Standards towards Healthcare ICT and Chapter 10 which was co-authored by Hicham El Achgar IT Healthcare Governance.


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