A Man’s Guide To Wearing T-Shirts

T-shirts are everyone’s favorite style piece. It is so simple, very easy and comfortable to wear. It is a default item of clothing for most men. You can fetch a well groomed image by wearing a tee and looked very elegant in it. No matter what your size is, a t-shirt can make you more masculine. There is a wide variety of t-shirts for all, with sleeves and without sleeves, without neck and with neck, in combined colors or in a single color, printed or plain. Paying some careful attention to the style of wearing a t-shirt is very important. You always prefer a different Brand style, one of the Brands is American apparel blank t-shirts. They have a wide variety of wholesale t-shirts with very affordable prices. If you know the proper way to wearing a t-shirt it will add more sweetness to your personality.

Here we are going to suggest you some simple ways of wearing t-shirts which will help you to enhance your style and give you the proper way for outing.

Pay attention to the collar

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the collar. You should match your collars while dressing. A man with a small chest can try a crew neck; it is the best t-shirt for them. Those who are shorter in length should try a V-neck t-shirt for men. It will also provide a balance for men with narrow faces and long necks.

Pairing solid coloured t-shirts with denims or khakis

A solid coloured white or grey t-shirt can be paired with dark denims or khakis. This will help in creating a classic look on the personality. Most importantly, crew neck t-shirts are good at creating smart looks when paired with khakis.

Striped T-shirts

If you are a person who loves to wear striped shirts then you should try some solid colored striped t-shirts. The striped t-shirt gives you a classic look for your appearance and it also adds some unique variety in your tee collection.

Elegant polo-neck t-shirts

If you want to look informal and elegant then the polo shirt for men can be the best choice. These types of t shirts are easy to combine with any type of pants. You can add a dark glass to make your look more stylish.

Tucking in the t-shirt

If you need a formal look then you should tuck your t-shirt inside the pants. Tucking in the t-shirt gives the perfect formal look, which is often required for men. A simple solid coloured t-shirt can be turned into a formal outfit when tucked in properly and layered with a formal jacket.

Choosing the perfect size

If you wear a t shirt which is too loose or baggy, it will look ungainly. Even if your t-shirts are too tight, it may look ridiculous if you have a thin body. If you have good musculature and strong arms then you can afford a full sleeve t-shirt for men that fits to the body. So when you choose your t shirt make sure that your t shirt should not be too tight or too loose.

The sporty look

If you are going to put a sport coat above a t- shirt, especially the casual one, it will look fantastic. You can try this style if you want a sporty look or a simple and attractive look for an informal outing.

Graphic t-shirts

Graphic tee shirts are suitable for every occasion, except the formal ones. The most important thing about graphic tees is that you can buy them according to your choice or you can create your own graphics. Graphic t-shirts are always in fashion and a great option for men.

Retro t-shirts with khaki pants

You can also try navy blue or black retro t-shirts and wear it with a khaki pant. A darker shirt with a lighter pant naturally looks very attractive than other combinations.

Simple printed t-shirts

T-shirts for men with some prints are very common to find out. So, if you want to highlight the prints, you should choose fabrics in plain colors. What you should avoid is the shirts with some logos of soda brands, football teams or any symbol of political parties as these are specific for the occasion and not very cool as a general outfit.

We discussed many ways of styling t-shirts which may help you to enhance your style and personality. Hope you will follow our recommendations in your own ways.

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