A Low-Maintenance Kitchen in Just 5 Steps

Preparing delicious dishes and feeding the family can be pleasing until it comes to cleaning, scrubbing, and maintaining your kitchen. Who wouldn’t wish to have a low-maintenance kitchen?

Keeping your kitchen clean and hygienic is essential without doubt. A neat kitchen adds value to your house’s interior. The simplicity of natural wood kitchen cabinets helps your kitchen look clean and sophisticated.

In this article, you will learn five simple ways through which you can achieve a low-maintenance kitchen. You will go through the steps that make your kitchen not only functional but also stylish. If you are planning to remodel your kitchen, consider diving into the following ideas.

5 Simple Ways to Get a Low-maintenance Kitchen

Here are five easy steps to achieve a low-maintenance kitchen discussed below.

1.   Avoid Open Shelves

Open selves may look pretty in your kitchen space, but they require high maintenance. If you have open shelves, you need to clean them more often than covered ones. Dust, oil, and grime can accumulate on the shelves as they are opened.

Your kitchen essentials, like cups, plates, utensils, etc., on the open shelves can also be dirty. You’ll have to clean the stuff each time before using, since there can be layers of dirt and filth on them. If you install covered shelves or cabinets, it will keep your stuff safe and dust-free.

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2.   Low-maintenance Countertops

Cleaning a kitchen countertop requires lots of scrubbing and wiping after cooking. Nowadays, kitchen countertops with multiple materials are available in the market. Hence, the task of finding a stain-resistant and nonporous one is not that tough.

Materials like granite and marble are porous surfaces which mean liquids and bacteria can enter their surfaces. Quartz, glass, and stainless steel countertops are non-porous and resistant to stains. Therefore, these materials are easy to clean and maintain.

Note: If you’re looking for cabinets to blend with your quartz, glass, or stainless steel countertops, you can consider choosing natural wood kitchen cabinets.

3.   Avoid Fixing Lights Near The Stove

Many install their lighting fixtures just above their cooking spot. It has a positive side as well as a negative one. On the positive side, it makes your cooking area brighter so you can cook in a good light. On the negative side, it may develop dirt and grease on the surface of your lighting fixtures.

When your lights are hung above the stove, the accumulating layer of grease on them can hinder the brightness. Therefore, you may need to clean them repeatedly. It also pulls down the charm of your pretty lamps, chandeliers, or pendant lights in the kitchen.

When you want a low-maintenance kitchen, installing kitchen lights away from the stove or gas burner will be beneficial for you. To avoid cleaning your lighting fixtures regularly, consider fixing them one or two feet away from the cooking stove. You can also fix them over your kitchen island or breakfast table.

4.   Place Trash Bins in Easy to Reach Spots

One of the easiest ways to keep your kitchen clean is to place more than one trash bin. You can place them near your sink, refrigerator, cooking, or chopping area.

It will be easy to throw the waste in the bins when they are close to you. For example, by placing a trash bin near the sink, you can easily scrape the plates into the bin before washing them. Thus, it will take less time to clean and maintain your kitchen space.

5.   Easy to Clean Appliances

When you are looking for easy-to-clean kitchen ideas, you should embrace appliances that are easy to clean. For example, if you use stainless steel appliances with a fingerprint-resistant finish, you can clean them more easily. Also, you can go for materials with a smooth surface since they are easy to wipe.

Another way to easy-to-clean appliances is to choose self-cleaning appliances. Nowadays, you can find plenty of appliances with this feature in the market. For example, you’ll find ovens with pyrolytic cleaning facilities and coffee makers with a self-cleaning function.

The Bottom Line

Whether you are a busy professional or a parent on the go, the above-mentioned steps will help you achieve a low-maintenance kitchen.

The idea of installing natural wood kitchen cabinets not only helps you maintain the space but is also beneficial for your health. Covered cabinets keep your stuff or food items away from small critters which can be harmful to your health.

Kitchen hygiene maintenance is extremely important in our high-paced life. If you follow the above steps, you’ll get free from spending endless hours cleaning your kitchen. Therefore, you can say goodbye to never-ending kitchen chores and hello to a kitchen that works for you.