A Look at “We Buy Houses for Cash’’ Companies

Nowadays it will typically take an average of 25 days to sell a house. This is far better than not that long ago. As recently as around 2010, sellers would wait, on average, up to 140 days to sell their homes. However, you have no guarantee that you will get cash for your house this fast because other factors affect how quickly you can close a sale including the season, demand and its location, etc.

So, what’s the way out if you want to sell your house quickly? Fortunately, you have the option of selling to “we buy houses for cash” companies or buyers.  Perhaps, you wonder if it’s true you can get cash that fast for your property without having to make repairs, deep clean it and stage it for showing to prospective buyers.  This article looks at cash-buying companies to help you understand how they work.

What are “We buy houses for cash” companies?

Unlike ordinary homebuyers who have to get finance from banks and other sources, “We buy houses for cash” companies or buyers are real estate dealers and investors who are out to make a profit. They do not buy homes to live in them or make small yields by renting them out. They buy them to do them up and then sell on at for large margins.

Because they look to make good profits, these buyers want to buy houses at the lowest prices possible, renovate or fix them as necessary, and sell them on at a competitive price within a short time. They have mastered their trade and make good profits on the home they buy in a short time.

Why should you consider selling your house to them?

Since you, as a homeowner, would like to sell your house for top dollar, you may ask yourself if it’s a good idea to sell to “We buy houses for cash” buyers.  Below are some of the reasons to sell to these companies:

You get cash quickly

If you want to get cash quickly from selling your home, you should consider selling to a cash buying company. You may have pressing financial needs such as medical expenses, debts or any other reason and selling your home may be the only option you have. This means selling it to someone or a company that offers cash as fast as possible is the best idea.

They save you some expenses

Homeowners often have to incur expenses to repair and fix their houses, clean them for showing to buyers and hire real estate agents to handle the sale. Unfortunately, in some cases, these expenses may be too high and eat into the sum the owners may otherwise have made.

If you want to avoid repair costs, realtor commissions and other selling-related expenses, you can opt to sell to “We buy houses for cash” companies.

They buy houses in difficult situations

Sometimes homeowners face difficult situations that prompt them to sell their properties as fast as possible. If you find yourself in any of the circumstances, you may consider selling to cash buyers. Some of the cases that need a fast house sale include:

·   Bankruptcy

·   Divorce settlement

·   Foreclosure

·   Probate sales

·   Employment changes

While these misfortunes may be uncontrollable situations for sellers, they are opportunities for cash buyers to make some good margins, and if faced with any of them, you could consider selling to them.


“We buy houses for cash” companies offer you cash within a short time and save you from many of the expenses. If you decide to sell to them, look for reputable and trusted cash buyers to avoid scams.


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Time Business News Editor Team