A Look at How to Best Clean Your House Before Overnight Guests

The summer vacation season is rapidly approaching, and it’s more likely than ever that overnight guests will be dropping in from your college kid’s friends to your in-laws. Get a head start and prepare your home with these best practices to clean before overnight guests arrive.

Declutter and Clean the Entrance and Common Areas

Make a welcoming first impression with a clean front porch and entryway. Use a broom to sweep away dirt and debris. Slip a pillowcase over the broom to safely clear away cobwebs from light fixtures and make the front door shine with a good scrubbing. Shake the dirt out of the doormat.

Grab a laundry basket and pick up items like shoes, coats, toys, and any other clutter that doesn’t belong in the foyer or commons area. If you’re short on time, put the basket in your bedroom or a storage closet.

Dust and polish any furniture in the foyer and commons area.

Clean the Carpet and Other High Traffic Areas

If your home has carpeting or large area rugs, now is a good time to have them professionally cleaned. The pros have the right equipment to make the job go quickly and allow the carpeting to dry fast. The money will be worth the time and energy saved by leaving the carpeting to the pros.

And while they’re busy doing the job for you, you’ll have time to concentrate on sweeping and mopping other floor surfaces in high-traffic areas.

Get Rid of Dust and Cobwebs

Best practices for getting rid of dust and cobwebs call for beginning with the top and working your way down. If you have high ceilings, an extension rod for microfiber dusters is a must-have. Run the duster around the perimeter of all the rooms you’ll be entertaining in.

Use a fresh microfiber duster to dust coffee tables, bookshelves, the wood on any furniture, and lastly, the baseboards. Use a hand-held vacuum cleaner or your vacuum’s attachment to clean sofas and chairs.

Tidy Up the Kitchen

Chances are, your kitchen will be exposed to guests at some point. This room is often used for socializing, especially in homes with an open floor plan. Create a cleaner, more open look by clearing the counters of small appliances and storing them in a cupboard or pantry.

Your overnight guests should feel free to grab a drink or snack on their own, so give the inside of the fridge a good going over. Be sure to toss out any questionable foods.

Thoroughly clean the surface of the oven, fridge, and countertops.

Make the Bathrooms Shine

Give any bathrooms your guests are likely to use a good scrubbing. Apply toilet bowl cleaner first and let it sit while you clean the other bathroom fixtures. Stash away personal items and clean the counters. Clean away caked-on soap scum with a solution of vinegar and hot water or a lemon-based cleanser. Scrub the toilet with a toilet brush and flush. Put out fresh guests and bath towels and launder the bath mat and toilet bowl. cover.

Ready the Guest Bedrooms

After you’ve dusted and cleaned the floors in the bedrooms, put clean linens on the beds. Add a finishing touch with a vase of fresh flowers and a few glossy magazines.