A-List of Tools Every Lineman Should Have

Linemen is the most dangerous job out there. They are the workers that climb telephone poles, are electricians, and your cable guy. Without proper tools, and safety gear. A lineman’s job is hard and dangerous.

A lineman’s tools will vary depending on his job requirements. As well as personal preference and skill set. A lineman’s tools are his most important asset. As he has to rely on them for precision, accuracy, and reliability.

Lineman work requires an elaborate inventory of specialty tools. All designed for safety, speed and efficiency.

Here is a list of equipment needed on the job site of a lineman.

General Tools

Hammer – The type and size depending on the work you’ll be doing. But this is an essential part of any linemen.

Wrench – The type and size depending on the work you’ll be doing.

Plier Set -Not just a single set of pliers. Ensuring that a pair of need-nose or slip joint pliers are included.

Skinning Knife – Crucial tool for removing the cable jacket. There are also specialty skinning knives designed for insulation, folding models and other tasks. So find one that will fit your project.

Batteries and Chargers – I’d assume this one was self-explanatory. Not all the job sites you’ll be on will have power. So make sure to have enough batteries, and chargers to get the job done.

Safety Equipment

Hard Hat – Head protection should be something taken lightly. Invest in a good quality hard hat.

Gloves – You’re going to need two pairs of gloves. A pair of insulated gloves. Ones that can handle higher ranges of electricity. A pair of leather gloves used to protect the insulated gloves.

Climbing Belt – Pole climbing will be something you do as a lineman. You’re not going to be lucky as to stay in the carriage your whole career.

Boots – Different types of boots will be needed to do different kinds of jobs. Take into consideration the type of poles you will be climbing. Will it be metal poles, were you need conductive boots? or Wood poles, where you need higher boots? Is it both?

Hot Stick – If you are an electrician, or doing telephone pole work, this tool is essential.

Specialized Tools

Compression Tools – The linemen compression tools you choose, will depend on the job. Telephone pole repairs linemen won’t use the same compression tools that a cable guy or electrician will use. So make sure you are purchasing the right linemen compression tools, whether it be a pistol style or streamline style. One of the key things to make sure you have with any compression tool is that it has interchanging heads. So that you can change between jobs smoothly.

Cutting Tools – They are designed to make cutting wire easier, and reduce the strain on the operator.

Climbers and Gaffs – Gaffs, spikes, hooks, irons… all the same thing. There is no way to climb a pole without them.

The above is just a shortlist of tools required. Check with your foremen or fellow lineman about the equipment they prefer and why. As it may give you insight into what works best for your specific job requirements.


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