A Lady’s Guide to Picking Sunglasses

Picking great sunglasses to complement your facial structure can be a complicated task with all of the different choices available. The best sunglasses for your face shape will enhance and balance your best features. This handy guide will help you determine your face shape and which styles of sunglasses will look attractive on you.



An oval face shape is widest at the cheekbones, growing narrower towards the jawline and forehead. It is longer than wide and has soft features. Considered one of the most common face shapes, oval faces can wear most frame shapes without issue.

The perfect sunglasses for an oval face shape will balance the face by emphasizing the strong points and drawing focus away from the weak points. The frame should be as wide as the face and add angles to all of those soft curves. Square, trapezoid, and rectangular frames are good choices. Narrow frames may add unnecessary length to the face.


A square face shape is wide along the jaw and forehead with a nearly uniform width from top to bottom. It is just as wide as tall and has strong, angular features. The forehead to the jawline is in a straight alignment.

The perfect sunglasses for this type of face are in proportion with the face’s length and width. Curved sunglasses with wide side designs will soften the angles of the face, adding balance. Frames that sit high on the nose are flattering because they add length to the face.


A round face shape is widest at the cheekbones with a rounded jawline and forehead. It is nearly as wide as tall and has soft features with smooth lines. Those with round faces look best in accessories that add extra definition and depth.

The perfect sunglasses for a round face shape will have frames with clean lines that add angles. Adding sharper lines to the face with geometric frames makes features more distinct and defined. Frames that are angular and wide also increase the length of the face.


A heart face shape is widest at the forehead with high cheekbones and a narrower jaw. It can be wide or long and generally has angular features. With a heart face shape, the goal is to accentuate the top of the face and balance the width of the face.

The best sunglasses for a heart face shape will be round or oval-shaped with a thin frame. Frames slightly wider than the forehead will add balance to your features and a rounded bottom will soften angular features and draw attention upward. Those with a heart face shape should avoid bottom-heavy frames and frames heavy with design elements.


A diamond face shape is widest at the cheeks with a narrower forehead and a pointed jawline. This face shape is often longer than wide and can have a mix of rounded and angular features. Considered one of the rarest face shapes, diamond faces can wear funky and unique styles while still complimenting their facial structure.

The best sunglasses for a diamond face shape will balance the length and width of the face while highlighting your best features. Frames with an oval shape and strong brow line are favored, but interesting shapes that combine angular and round elements are also attractive on this face shape. Boxy frames should be avoided as they add even more lines to a face with angular features.


A triangle face shape has a wide, square jawline with narrower cheeks and forehead. This face is nearly as wide as tall with both rounded and angular features. Sunglasses that compliment this wide-on-the-bottom, narrow-at-the-top facial structure are the opposite: bold at the brow line while more delicate on the bottom.

The perfect sunglasses for this type of face will have a bold frame that combines round and angular shapes. Wide frames help the top of the face look broader, while frames that are heavily accented add width to a narrow forehead. Those with this face shape should avoid frames that are narrow or thin, as well as those with square or sharp lines on the lower part.

These guidelines will help you find sunglasses that fit your features, even if your face is not an exact match to the shapes described above. Additionally, the color of the frames should contrast your natural skin tone and hair color, with darker-haired individuals choosing lighter frames and light-haired people choosing darker frames. With the wide variety of colors and styles available, there is sure to be a pair of women’s polarized sunglasses out there that are perfect for you.