A Journey from print media to online magazine

The first-ever magazine was created and published in 1663 in Germany. At that time, the magazine was particular about specific topics over time; it starts to enlighten the general issues relating to everyday life. That’s why people start taking an interest in such a magazine due to exciting topics and information given in it.

Then it was divided into different types of magazines according to specific topics like kids’ magazines, professional magazines, scientific magazines and sports magazines. So people start buying magazines according to their interests.

Then the advancement in technology came in and changed the vision of people. The computer and the internet became the most popular gadget of this century, which changed people’s lives. First, people used to wait for the magazine distributor to come and so that our elder people have a cup of tea while reading a magazine, but now everyone has their mobile, and on just one click, we can access world-wide news.

Due to this significant technology advancement, print media investors also start thinking of investing over online or digital magazine creation then over print media.

For this, many people are providing their expertise in making a beautiful online magazine of your desire. You can make a customized magazine with gorgeous catalogs and an attractive front page that will attract the audience. Some sites help make your magazine like MADMAGZ.COM, READYMAG.COM and flowpaper.com are some of the famous places and online magazine software for creating your magazine.

There are many online websites and online magazine software for reading magazines. Some of them are given below:

1. FlipHTML5.com

It is one of the biggest publishing platforms for magazines, catalogues and many more. Some significant features of this tool are:

  • You can add notes and make annotations to flipping magazines
  • You can change the language according to your ease
  • You can quickly flip the page without doing it manually through auto-flipping

2. alltoucanread.com

This website gathers all magazines and news from almost more than 200 countries. You need to log in to this website, select the country’s name, and show all the latest news relating to this country.

3. magatopia.com

It will provide you with all types of online magazines. You can make you enjoy freely through this online website. It consists of business, science, professional, lifestyle and sports articles.

4. magzter.com

It is the most significant reading platform, with almost up to 4000 magazines and many recommended articles. You can read on your android phones, iPhones and any android device.

5. us.really.com

This site allows you to read your favourite magazines, and you can search out articles of your choice. The main advantage of this site is you can share this with your other five family members.

6. health.com

Some sites specifically cover only one topic as this site provides you only about health, fitness tips, and nutrition tips. These kinds of magazines offer you to build a healthy body with a healthy mind.