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Brand new, first-to-market artificial intelligence and machine language-based technology that automatically creates business-boosting sales copies, VSLs, marketing ads, email swipes, attention-grabbing graphics, and much more, even if you don’t know anything about tech or marketing.

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Video review for Front End only A.I. Marketo

A.I. Marketo   – Text From This Video

My name is Kevin, and I’d want to introduce myself. Today, we’ll take a look at five applications that use AI in new ways. For example, using this platform, I can instantly alter my voice. Another of my photo editing skills is the ability to choose a portion and make it vanish. My kid, where are you now? I could also tell the computer to do something specific, like make a song for the Kevin Cookie Company. What can I say, that’s amazing. I was wondering whether I was asking the computer too much to sing it to me. Kevin Cookie Company is to blame for both your and mine happiness. The examples shown above are only a few of the many that will be discussed today. Let us take a closer look at them. VoiceMod, a piece of software that modifies your voice in real time, is our first tool. Links to the downloadable software are available on both the main page and the explanation. They have voice actors record a wide range of text so that their algorithms may be trained on spoken data. When you talk into a microphone, your voice is instantly changed to sound like that of the actor.Local

A.I. Marketo OTO

After completing the VoiceMod download and installation, you will be presented with the following user interface: To begin, select the voice box in the upper left corner to access VoiceMod’s massive collection of voices. Because the others are still in beta, this is the only one where an actor was used to create a model for an AI voice. What we need to do is put a few of them through their paces. By clicking on his or her name here, I’ll select a storyteller. When it comes to cookies, Kevin’s is the greatest. Something said by such a reliable source has to be true. The opposing viewpoints are worth examining. I’ll start the engine from here. Your pilot, ladies and gentlemen, has arrived. I just wanted to let you know that the flight attendants will shortly be passing out delicious, freshly made cookies. You can select a character on the right side of the screen; the pilot has picked Michael. Ellen’s gender flexibility is enhanced by the use of a female voice. For evaluation, use a different voice. I’ve picked Alice as an example. Please finish all of those cookies, kids.

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It’s easy to lose track of time while experimenting with all of the different voices. The following lesson will go over how to use to remove unwanted objects from photographs. I came upon the website, where you can easily delete unwanted areas of photographs by dragging them to the appropriate location. Could you describe the kind of stuff you wish to make? What a really intelligent response from an AI on this issue; I may continue this chat further down if I choose. Our final exam will cover Microsoft Excel. Microsoft has begun to include artificial intelligence into the product, which is a well-known application. Because Excel has analytical functions built in, you may enter data and rapidly find trends and insights you might have missed.

Marketo A.I. OTO AIUpsell

I’m staring at a spreadsheet with Kevin Cookie Company sales data, ready to dive in and start analyzing it in Excel, but I’m not sure where to start. It was a huge relief to be able to rely only on my computer and some artificial intelligence. To begin, go to the upper left and pick the home tab, then go to the far right of the ribbon and select analyze data. To the right, a new window has appeared, in which I may perform some rudimentary data analysis. Since then, I’ve been able to ask Excel questions about my data without having to go in and perform the analysis myself. Assume you’re looking for total income. We made somewhat less than $5 million when I submitted that amount here. That is wonderful, but wait until you see this. The following observations are the outcome of an automated analysis of my data using Excel. As I descend, I am treated to some spectacular views. The chocolate chip variant outsells the others in terms of sales. I can even include a pivot chart! I may also see all 18 results by visiting the link provided below.This provides me with new knowledge about my data and leads to exciting discoveries that I would not have made otherwise. It’s worth noting that Google Sheets offers a comparable feature set. The “Explore” option in Google Sheets is positioned at the very bottom right. This tool is beneficial to both Excel and Google Sheets users since it allows you to ask questions about the data and gives several insights based on the information you’ve provided. So, when it comes to the wide range of applications for AI, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Please add your own outstanding examples in the comments section. If you loved this video and want to see more like it, please subscribe. Here’s a snapshot of my son in front of a snowy peak. Continue to use the standard definition version for free, or upgrade to the high definition version for a fee. I’ll keep using SD in particular. This close-up of my son above the snow-covered mountain is priceless. The brush size is set below, and all that remains is for me to choose my son and highlight him. I’ll let go of the mouse after I’ve selected his full body to allow the AI to finish its work. Take a peek at it! There is no trace of him in the photograph, and it has even recreated the surroundings behind him. By clicking the button in the upper right, I can return to the original photo, and by clicking it again, I can return to the one where he was cut off. It’s fantastic.

Bonuses for A.I. Marketo OTO

Despite a few minor flaws with shadows and whatnot, this is rather impressive given how soon it was finished. Definitely preferable to using Photoshop’s clone stamp. Our next project is CapCut, an open-source movie editor that leverages AI at every stage of the process. Simply choose the background and use the delete button to remove it. You can even improve your appearance. These are only a handful of the extra qualities. Let us have a look. CapCut video editor is available for free download at CapCut may be used right away in your browser or downloaded and installed on your Mac or PC. Before you may use the app to its full potential, you must first install it on your smartphone. There are no outlays. The first thing you’ll need to do after installing CapCut and starting a new project is drag some material into the interface. To begin, I’ll import a video of myself, place it on the timeline below, and then pause the movie so I can work in the middle of it. To eliminate the backdrop, I’ll go to the top menu and pick video, then cutout, and finally auto cutout while keeping this tape selected.

Overview of the A.I. Marketo OTO Product

I’m going to go with this, and it’s already working on the video. See, here is where they do all of their wonderful artificial intelligence research. A “green screen” was unnecessary because the backdrop had been properly eliminated. The AI identified me in the background and determined my location. The ability to import a photo is now pretty useful. Take a look at this great workplace setting. Now that I’ve moved my movie to a more prominent layer on the timeline, I can insert the still image. I’ll add it to the bottom layer and then move it here to match the length of my film. This is what occurs when I play it right now. I’m presumably at a different area. Allow me to demonstrate by moving these levers to the side so that the image fills the entire screen. There was no green screen this time. To put it mildly, I’m impressed. The AI capabilities of CapCut are so sophisticated that it can do far more than merely remove the backdrop. I’ll choose my video and then click the “enhance” button in the upper right corner.

A.I. Marketo OTO Evaluation

Here, I can use AI to determine the location of my face and then use CapCut to draw a rectangle around it to focus my efforts. Softening my skin, for example, may be beneficial to me. Maybe I just need a little confidence boost. I could bleach my teeth if I really wanted to. This might be done with other portions of my face as well. For example, my face length and chin shape were both customizable. In this part, I could also change my hairstyle and add makeup. So, what exactly is the aim of getting plastic surgery? If your audience is limited to a screen, you may completely alter your appearance. The video above has even more ideas on how to get the most of CapCut. The OpenAI text models come next. You can tell the computer to do anything, and it will execute it flawlessly. To continue reading, please view the linked descriptions above or below. To put it another way, we’ve entered the OpenAI sandbox. The instructions for the initial setup are on the left side of the screen, while the editable settings are on the right.

A.I. Marketo OTO Evaluations

The possibility to select the AI model is provided below. The current setting is text-davinci-003. Fill in the blanks at the top with AI instructions. Because I’ve always wanted a song about the Kevin Cookie Company, I’ll type that as the instruction and then click the submit button at the bottom. Take a peek at it! There is now a theme music for Kevin Cookie Corporation! The chorus is here, as is the verse that I’m not going to sing but that sounds stunning in my brain. This looks to be really strong. It’s all in good fun, but the Kevin Cookie Company just announced disappointing financial results, so I’d want to see if the AI has any suggestions. Kevin Cookie Company’s financial results fell short of expectations, and I’ll explain why in the space provided before we press the submit button. Wow. In my perspective, that is an excellent summary. Customer preferences, greater competition, and ineffective promotion are all plausible factors. This rationale, in my opinion, is sound. When I was in high school, I could have used a resource like this. So here’s my dilemma: how can I explain to my professor that I didn’t have enough time to complete my assignment? To find out, I’ll click “submit” here.

A.I. Marketo Evaluations

Please accept my apologies for my failure to complete my coursework. Unfortunately, I had to dedicate substantial time and effort to a family situation and was unable to finish it. If there is a family emergency, you must help. That is a fantastic justification. There’s a ChatGPT link down below if you want to chat to the computer software. Let’s see how things proceed. I’m thinking of starting a chat with the AI down below on ChatGPT and asking it for recommendations on interesting YouTube video topics. What a considerate reaction. What piques your curiosity the most? Determine your target audience’s interests.

A.I. Marketo Evaluations

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