A Humanitarian: Russ Lerner Helps Kenyans in IDP Camps

An estimated 2.5 million people are severely food insecure in Kenya. About 298,000 people are in an emergency situation, and half of this number are children. Sadly, the numbers are expected to increase.

Russ Lerner, who is a partner & Chief Executive Officer for Elapath Energy LLC., has always contributed to the Glorious Foundation Kenya in order for them to successfully take care of the people in their care.

This NGO takes care of the less privileged, especially children, young people, aged and women in Nyamira Trans Nzoia, Mukuru Kwa Njenga, Kibera, Kisii, and other regions. The alleviation of poverty is the common goal that the foundation aims to implement.

Given the new challenges posed by the pandemic, Lerner is working alongside the NGO to adopt measures that will help the beneficiaries and keep the foundation running while continuing to provide lifesaving assistance to vulnerable regions.

In Kisii and Nzoia, the foundation has continued to support the provision of basic lifesaving aid such as food assistance, water, healthcare, nutrition, and education. They create awareness within the communities, transport vaccines, and procured vitamins. All this is made possible by the various donations from their donors, including that of Russ Lerner.

As a partial replacement for distributing in-kind food rations, Russ Lerner funds the NGO through electronic food vouchers and cash transfers.  Both modalities give the refugees more options as households can, in this way, choose which food to buy, thus diversifying their diet while helping the local economy grow.

However, the success of every foundation can be attributed to its donors and staff who have served as pillars, working tirelessly to ensure the foundation connectivity. With the help of the funds received from Elapath Partner, Russ Lerner, Glorious Foundation Kenya has been able to provide care for survivors of sexual and gender-based violence who work in the communities and also ensuring that they prevent such violence from being perpetrated in the first place.

Russ Lerner has nearly 30 years of experience in the Oil and Gas sector, yet this has not stopped him from supporting those in need. He is committed to providing living conditions and future opportunities for smallholder families, women, and children. He works with several NGOs to develop a response plan that will address the needs of the less privileged in Kenya immediately and to build long-term community resilience. In all he does, he is a strong believer in sustainable development, especially in Africa.