A Handy Guide To Change WiFi Password of Spectrum Router

Known for exhibiting exceptional routing capabilities, Spectrum Routers have significantly gained popularity over the past few years. Whether it is your home network or small office space, you can set up the router and use devices like laptop, desktop computer, smartphone, and tablet to connect to the internet via Spectrum Router. However, instances might occur when you need to change Spectrum WiFi password so that you can enhance the security of your network. To do this, you must have few details like the IP address of the router, the username, and the password handy.

While the process doesn’t require you to have any technical expertise, you must carefully follow the recommended guidelines to execute this. Read on to explore it and gather some useful insights into using a Spectrum Router

Tips To Change the WiFi Password on Spectrum Router

Changing the WiFi password of Spectrum Router requires you to first connect the router to a computer either wirelessly or using the wired connection. Once both these devices are connected, follow the below-mentioned steps to change the WiFi password of your Spectrum Router:

  1. Open a web browser on your computer.
  2. Type the IP address of the router in the browser’s address bar and press Enter to open the router admin panel. You Can find the IP address at the back or bottom of the router as well as in the router’s user manual.
  3. Enter the router login credentials in the required fields and click on “Login”.
  4. Once you are logged into the router management console, click on the “Wireless Settings” tab and follow the on-screen prompts to change the WiFi password.
  5. After changing the WiFi password of the router, click on “Apply” to save the changes.

Once you change the WiFi password of the Spectrum Router, you can use a wireless-enabled device to access the internet while using the new password. If you have queries like how do I log into my Spectrum Router, you can follow the above-mentioned steps until step no. 4.

How to Fix Spectrum Modem Red Light Issues?

After changing the WiFi password of your Spectrum Router, you might encounter issues like Spectrum Modem red light. Such instances usually occur when the router undergoes a firmware upgrade. The process of firmware upgrade should not exceed 20 minutes; however, if it does, you need to resolve the problem. Try restarting the router by first switching off the router and disconnecting the router’s power adapter from the electrical socket. Next, after waiting for about two minutes, you can reconnect the power adapter and turn the router on.

In case the above-mentioned process doesn’t resolve the red light issue of the router, reset the router by pressing and holding the router’s reset button for about two minutes. You will notice that the router’s status lights blink and the router restarts. These are the two most effective ways to resolve the blinking of red light of Spectrum Routers. Besides, you have read how to change the WIFi password of your Spectrum Router. Follow the associated steps the exact way as mentioned here and ensure an all-new experience with the online world.