A Guide to Transforming Your Restaurant’s Curb Appeal

Serving the best dishes in your neighborhood might not be enough to attract many customers to your restaurant.

If the exterior is less than attractive, the business will miss out on passing trade, which may lead to a loss of thousands of dollars throughout the year.

Create a positive first impression when people walk or drive by your business. Read this guide to transforming your restaurant’s curb appeal.

Grab Attention with Commercial Awnings

Commercial awnings will allow your business to stand out from a crowd of restaurants, bars, and stores on a street.

Invest in a custom awning in a bright shade and with or without graphics to complement your restaurant.

It will grab people’s attention and encourage them to step inside to sample your menu.

Also, you can choose from many styles to complement the building’s architectural design, such as an entrance canopy, dome, or waterfall awning.

Pick the Best Color

You’d be smart to learn about color psychology when improving your restaurant’s exterior design.

For example, the color red is believed to stimulate appetites, which is why it features on logos from some of the world’s biggest brands, such as KFC, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and Wendy’s.

Identify the colors that are more likely to encourage customers to request a table at your restaurant and avoid the shades that will make them turn to a competitor.

For example, you’d be wise to avoid grey, as it is often associated with depression and nothingness.

Clean Your Windows

In pedestrians’ minds, dirty windows might equal dirty plates, cutlery, and tables.

Sparkling clean windows will prove your restaurant has exceptional hygiene standards and attention to detail.

Spruce up your windowpanes regularly, especially following arduous weather conditions, to ensure the exterior complements the delicious smells coming from your kitchen.

Add Beautiful Landscaping

Make your restaurant more attractive by adding beautiful landscaping from landscapers in West Chester Ohio. It will create an ambiance before a customer takes one step in the door.Plants, shrubs, and flowers will inject a pop of color into your exterior, making your venue appear more appealing to passers-by.

If you don’t have much space for trees or flower beds, breathe life into the exterior with flower window boxes or plant pots that will draw the eye.

Of course, you must only add landscaping if you have the time and commitment to care for the greenery.

After all, untidy or dead flowers may encourage passing trade to choose a nearby competitor over your restaurant.

Illuminate Your Exterior

Help customers spot your restaurant at night by illuminating your exterior.

A well-lit restaurant will complement a beautiful menu and may encourage people to come inside to enjoy a delicious meal alone or with their loved ones.

Yet, you must pick elegant lighting that matches your restaurant’s image and exterior. Also, you must ensure it appears warm and inviting over cold or harsh.

Don’t forget to use lighting to maximize your restaurant’s curb appeal, such as shining a light on your signage and outdoor menus.

There you have it; a few simple tips to transform your restaurant’s curb appeal.