A guide to smart lock installation

Home security experts recommend a lock change once in seven years, but the lock changing process depends on several factors. If your property is vulnerable to theft or burglary, you can change the locks immediately and install a smart security system at your residence. It may cost you a lot to install high-quality security systems, but it is nothing compared to the well-being of your loved ones.

What is the age of your locks?

The age of the locks is the prime determining factor when you plan for a lock change. If you have recently moved to a property that is quite old, you might not know how old the locks are. Moreover, you might not be aware of whether the previous owner has a copy of the key or not. You must change the locks for all the exits because the safety of your family matters the most.

Change the damaged locks

If the locks are old or burglars had tried to break-in recently, your residence’s lock might not be in great condition. Call the locksmith for an urgent repair, or better yet, go for an emergency lock change. You can install smart locks that operate on battery power and bring on the best home safety solution.

Points to consider before installing smart locks

While many people are installing smart locks for their residence’s safety and security, several points must be considered before installing one. These locks work on battery power, so make sure to use the best batteries that last long.

The smart lock functions work properly when the doorknobs are properly aligned and closed well. If you are using the remote locking functionality, make sure the deadbolt can move freely without any obstruction.

Conventional door knobs do not have any thumb-turns, but smart locks have huge thumb-turns. That might look odd on modern doors.

If you are using passcode based locks, make sure to keep the passcode a secret. Keep an easy-to-remember passcode so that you would never forget it. If you are using a smart lock with keys, make sure to install the locks from the same brand, so you can use a single key to access all the doors of your house. Using different brands for different doors means you need to carry several keys.

An experienced locksmith can help install the smart lock without any fuss. Make sure to search for the best locksmiths around town and get quotes.

A smart lock conversion kit can keep your present deadbolt and install the smart lock above or below it. This gives your residence additional safety without compromising the existing look.

Check the rental contract if you are staying in a rented apartment. You can ask the landlord before the lock change.

Smart locks are designed to make our lives easier, but sometimes the conventional locks are easier to operate, especially for elderly people. While smart locks have some cons, in many cases, the pros outweigh the cons, but of course it’s dependent on your personal situation. Smart locks give you peace of mind and are conveniently designed to monitor whether the doors are locked or not. But the installation charges are often much higher and not affordable, and that can be one of the reasons why the majority of people prefer conventional locks.

You can always install the smart lock by yourself, but a locksmith has the technical knowledge and experience to install the locks properly so that it works optimally for a long period of time.