A Guide to Resetting Skullcandy Wireless Earbuds

Skullcandy comes with a variety of good earbuds that accommodate your style, taste, and desire in different exclusive colors. Games headphones and sports phones are also available at affordable rates. Surprised by the quality earbuds, you also brought a new pair of wireless earbuds. However, you are experiencing trouble connecting them. The irritation you go through is actually unimaginable. Your headphones may need to be reset which may reconnect them with your device. To solve your problem, this article does have all the steps that can help you reset your earbuds.

With this guide, you can reset all wireless earphones/headphones. However, there are some specific models that require specific steps for resetting. Moreover, the only difficulty with actual wireless earbuds is to ensure that are correctly paired with each other. You may also accidentally remove the buds and change their paired status. If you are also having the same problem, read this article and you will be good to go.

General Method to Reset Wireless Earbuds

For different products by Skullcandy, the process of resetting differs. But it is just a matter of a few pushes. Follow the below-mentioned steps to reset your Skullcandy earbuds.

  • First thing first, turn off your earbuds
  • Press the volume & power button for not less than 5 seconds to reset the paired list
  • After removing the devices on the paired list, turn your headphones again
  • Now it is ready to pair. You can connect Skullcandy handsfree with your desired device

This is a general procedure to reset your Skullcandy wireless earbuds. Now let’s get to know to reset specific devices.

Resetting IndyTM Wireless Earbuds

You may also be having difficulty with actual wireless earphones. With it linked is the Bluetooth pairing. If your system is also in trouble connecting to IndyTM wireless, below is the procedure to reset your Skullcandy earbuds.

  • Put your IndyTM headphones in the charging case
  • Forget/remove IndyTM earbuds from the list of paired devices
  • Turn Bluetooth mode on and off on your device to double-check
  • First, turn the right side of the wireless earbuds only. It will automatically be turned on once you remove it from the charging case. Now it is in the unlinked state.
  • Press the earbud core four times. Doing this turn off the headphones and reset them automatically. When the light on your device turns red, it is effective you will know. If the red light does not turn on, redo this step and keep on doing it until the red light turns on. Once you have successfully done this, put them back in the charging case.
  • Now take the left side of the earbuds out from the case and repeat these steps
  • After this, take out both of your earbuds from the case, power them on immediately and start pairing.
  • Hearing one beep signals that they have connected. Moreover, a voice prompt tells you that IndyTM earbuds are pairing. That means your headphones are searching for making a Bluetooth connection.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth mode of your device and repair it

Resetting PUSHTM ULTRA Skullcandy

In order to make it easy to patch, forget your PUSHTM ULTRA from the list of paired devices. After removing them from the charging case, turn them off manually.

  • Press the MFB/hold power button for up to six seconds on both the headphones.
  • This will turn off both earbuds. Now you can start resetting them
  • In order to reset them completely, hold and press the MFB/power button for no less than ten seconds on both the headphones (this makes your device go in a loop of on and off)
  • After this, pair both of your buds again
  • Put them again on the charging case until red color flashes on both LEDs. Now take them out from the case.
  • This will turn on both buds. The LED will flash blue and thus syncing simultaneously
  • The tone the synchronization makes means it is useful. The blue/red light is blinked by the left side of the earbuds only. Now turn on Bluetooth for your device and search for PUSHTM ULTRA on your Bluetooth device list. Ensure it appears only once and select it
  • Select bot the prompts as “pair” and “ok”.
  • A sound alert will then indicate you of “linked” once paired. And both of your headphones will be in “paired devices.”

Wrapping up

To pair your Skullcandy wireless earbuds can be tricky and irritating. For new users, it may be a cause of annoyance. To mitigate your irritation, we have compiled steps to reset and pair your headphones. This article will surely help you reset and pair your earbuds with any device you want. If you are having trouble pairing them the first time, switch them off by putting them in the charging case. Remove them or pull them off from the vase and reset them one after the other by following the same process. After following the process, repair them with any device you want. They will pair successfully. However, each device of Skullcandy requires a different way of resetting. To make things clear for you, the article contains a different procedure for both pairs.