A Guide to Plate Carrier Setup

Your plate armor is your best companion during combat. That’s why having a proper plate carrier set up is very important when preparing. Besides, you want to be safe during combat. You avoid being shot while busy trying to get some extra mags, especially if you have placed them on the wrong side of your vest. A plate carrier is crucial, but it will only serve its purpose if you have prepared it correctly.

For over 15 years, the plate carrier has become the most used equipment among military officers and law enforcers. It is also common among civilians. As a result, different designs are available. This makes it a daunting task to pick a suitable carrier, the corresponding attachments, and the necessary accessories depending on your needs. However, you have to find the ideal sizing and the best configuration. Your plate carrier setup must fit perfectly for the wearer to feel comfortable. The best thing is to follow the right guide for plate carrier setup. This ensures that you have all the necessary items depending on the mission if there is a need. Consider using this guide for the proper plate carrier setup. They include;

  1. Consider the plate carrier sizing and its fitting,

A fitting plate carrier guarantees your comfort and provides you with proper protection all the time. This depends on individual preference. The right size of plate carrier is the one that covers all your vital organs. Also, ensure the plate carrier has sufficient room to hold your armor. In addition, some carriers are designed to accept various armor cuts. Others are designed for specific armor accessories. The idea is to ensure that your carrier is fitting correctly. This way, it will provide sufficient armor coverage. It will also feel comfortable to wear for a long time.

Also, note it is hard to adjust your carrier when wearing it. Therefore, make sure it’s the perfect size before putting it on.

  • Consider the accessories you want to carry

Your plate carrier setup is a combination of load carriage and armor system. A plate carrier is used and worn together with armor plates in the main compartments. The plate carrier won’t fit perfectly if these components are not there. As soon as you start attaching your pouches and other items, the plate carrier will start to sag. If you want to carry accessories like water, ammo, and other items without adding the plates, then the belt system is most recommended using the chest rig.

Once you have decided that you need the plate carrier setup, consider the different attachments you want to mount on the plate carrier. Also, note you can use some of the attachment spaces available. Decide the things you want to carry and place them in an ideal spot where you can easily access them. 

  • Consider your mission

There are different designs of plate carrier setups available. Hence before buying, examine the plate carrier use. There are different designs if you need a plate carrier with fewer attachments or more.