A Guide to Moving on a Short Notice

Living in rentals can sometimes be hectic and tiresome. One does not get to the same comfort as a person living in his or her house. This is mainly because one is always on the move from one rental house to the next. Sometimes one may find himself being required to move on short notice. This may be caused by many reasons, for example, if one gets a job transfer to a place far from his current residence or if you aren’t able to settle your rent and the landlord gives you the notice to vacate. Due to the short notice, without proper planning one may find himself or herself forgetting some of the small but crucial details. Here are some of the things you need to take note of to ensure you have a smart and smooth move when you have little time to meet the deadline. 

Create a Plan 

This is a very crucial part when it comes to moving. This is because by having a plan, you will be able to know the amount of time you have before moving and the things you are required to do. This will help you utilize the time left well, hence making the process go much smoother. 

Start Pre-Packing 

It is never too early to start packing. This is because it will reduce much of your work on the final day you are moving. Pre-packing will also help you prevent leaving out some of your belongings since you will have all the time to check if you got everything in place. While pre-packing, one is required to start with the less commonly used household goods. By packing a few boxes per day, you will make your work even easier on the day you are moving. 

Make Reservations with a Moving Company 

Making reservations earlier can be a big deal in making everything go swiftly on the actual day you are moving. Otherwise, there is a possibility that you may find yourself without any movers available on that day hence, ruining all your plans for that day. To avoid that, one is required to make reservations with a moving company of his or her choice prior to the moving day. 

Compare the Different Rates 

This is a very important factor that you cannot afford to ignore. By comparing the different rates being charged by the movers, one is able to ascertain the one with the most favorable deal in regards to your financial capabilities. This will go a big deal in helping you save some cash hence, reducing the overall cost of moving. 

Invite Friends to Help You Move 

There is a lot of work while you are moving and an extra hand can go a big deal in making the work less tedious. Friends can really help when you are moving and even make the whole process much faster. 

Labeling Boxes 

Labeling boxes is one of the ways to make your moving process run smoothly. By labeling the boxes, it makes it easier when it comes to unloading your belongings. One will require little time to identify the content of each box hence, making the process much faster and less tedious. 

In conclusion, moving on short notice might be tiresome and very stressful. But with proper planning, you can make the process a total success. This will be possible by taking into consideration the various steps outlined above. 


Sudarsan Chakraborty is a professional writer. He contributes to many high-quality blogs. He loves to write on various topics.