A Guide To Monitor Your Brand Mentions Across The Web

Brand mentions are no less important than online reviews for building an online reputation. In fact, the ORM experts sometimes use these brand mentions to improve the effectiveness of the online reviews of a brand. Thus, it will be no wrong to say that brand mentions serve a lot when there is a reputation crisis or when the brand is unable to make the profit.

To ensure a better reputation online and to witness enormous profit, brands deliberately use these mentions on social media, blogging, and different other sites where it is possible. But is this enough to secure a brand?

Brand mentions need proper care and maintenance. And this is possible only when you monitor the mentions properly. Even a well-noted business reputation management agency agrees to this.

Read the guide to get proper guidance on this.

Follow the guide to monitor your brand mentions

  1. Use your email to monitor your brand mentions: The best way to monitor your brand mentions is by setting up email alerts. If you have a Gmail account, you can simply seek this benefit using the Google Alerts tool. But make sure you don’t use your personal Gmail account for business purposes. It will get really complicated in the end.

    Create a fresh business account on Gmail and use Google Alerts to get notifications of your brand mentions. The tool is widely used for monitoring purposes because it is absolutely free and you can easily get yourself updated with any new mentions added to the content across the web.

    Missing out on any mentions is therefore a rare case. Using Google Alerts, you can get access to mentions from different sources. Be it is any blog, videos, discussions, social posts, etc. you can simply find them using this tool. However, you can even check out other tools like Awario to get email alerts for your brand mentions.

  2. Use Twitter to track real-time mentions: Email alerts are good but that doesn’t mean you should avoid Twitter tweets. Twitter is a must if you want to track real-time mentions. This helps you to stay away from a reputation crisis and keeps your brand updated with the latest content posted about your brand.

    Twitter mentions monitoring tools like Tweetdeck can be the perfect partner for you in this case. It is a free tool that notifies the user through desktop alerts. The best thing about this tool is you can customize your alerts according to your need. This means you can set alerts for the columns that you feel are more important while the other columns run in the background.

    Tweetdeck allows users to monitor different Twitter updates like the number of followers, likes, tweets, retweets, etc. However, mentions are given separate corners so that the brands can make interactions if needed.

  3. Use tools to collect all your alerts: Your next job is to collect all your email alerts and desktop alerts on the same dashboard. This makes monitoring simpler and much more convenient.

    Dashboards keep all your things organized and archived. You can easily find all your alerts and track them in no time.

    Create a separate dashboard that holds email alerts, RSS feeds for Google Alerts, Twitter search widgets, and a to-do-list. If you have more than one brand, make sure you don’t use the same dashboard to monitor your mentions. There should be a separate dashboard for separate brands.

    Use tools like Cyfe to design your dashboard and handle different widgets to monitor your needs.

  4. Turn mentions into quality leads: Now, it’s time to generate quality leads from your brand mentions. Yes! Even the mentions can cultivate leads for brands and help the brands to build more potential customers. However, this is not an easy job.

    Brands use different tools to integrate brand mentions with their client relationship management platforms. For example, Salesmate is an inexpensive tool that works perfectly to build dozens of integrations. With this tool, you just need to create a bridge that connects your mentions with the PRs and sales.

    Once the leads are created, half of your job is done automatically. Although this is worth challenging, it requires proper arrangement, skills, and tools to perform this.

Brand mentions are more than just a name!

Brand mentions as per definition are the brand name mentioned in any content. But surprisingly, it is more than that. These brand names when used as mentions in a content address the brand and influence a lot in its popularity.

Just imagine, you Google your brand name, and you find it at the top position of the search results. It’s a sign of an effective brand mention that shows how powerful the brand is.

Hey, do you want to set up a good reputation online? Don’t forget to chase brand mentions. Get experts from the best online reputation repair agency and serve your purpose.

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