A Guide to Finding a Committed Development Team

You must conduct extensive research once you’ve decided to begin working with a specialist software development team in Ukraine. Consider these factors when looking for the best specialists:

Upwork and other freelance websites, B2B websites like Clutch, GitHub, and StackOverflow

These websites include comprehensive details about the business or developer, previous projects, costs, and other crucial information. This will enable you to choose the most qualified outsource development team and determine whether the service provider is best for you.

After selecting a provider, you must put together a team.

Step 1: Conditions

Put your demands in writing. The project description, job descriptions, team size, and your workflow vision are all included here.

Step 2: Group

Ask your vendor whether any developers are available to begin working on your project. Provide your criteria to the intermediary, so this business can begin seeking if no specialists are available.

Step 3: Talent selection

To compile a list of qualified candidates for your project, the vendor HR team assesses engineers for experience, technical proficiency, English proficiency, and soft skills.

Step 4: Include the team

You can observe the full procedure of bringing committed experts into your project. Choose the team’s tools and chosen management strategy as well.

Step 5: Working together

You can start working on your project with the Ukrainian software team you desire. The primary distinction is that these specialists work remotely, and the management of the software outsourcing company handles all administrative duties.

How do pwrteams assist in forming a global team?

Established in 2008, pwrteams is now a top international staff augmentation firm with offices in Luxembourg and New York that serves clients abroad from Eastern Europe. It has 80+ customers in 16 countries and 300+ tech specialists working for it.

We developed a transparent business model with the goal of removing conventional customer barriers to outsourcing, including personnel churn, cultural differences, management costs, and changing client expectations. We have developed a wonderful business experience with pwrteams, similar to having your staff as possible, just as if we built and ran a brand-new client office in Eastern Europe. Also, new strategic possibilities are opened up by our offer to spin out and buy your pwrteams team as a fully-owned daughter company in Eastern Europe.

What are staffing models used by pwrteams?

We provide both short-term tactical outsourcing alternatives for one-year contracts and extended missions. Also, we can recruit professionals for a few weeks to six months during a client’s busiest times. Our outsource development team are completely flexible and committed to helping clients choose the right action. Depending on the needs and objectives of the client, the team setup may take 3-6 days or several months.

Things we take into consideration when conducting interviews

Hard skills:

 In this situation, our specialists can assess the engineer’s technical proficiency. We choose a lead developer with the necessary knowledge and abilities for an interview. We conduct client assessments on demand to assess the candidates’ practical knowledge and skills more accurately.

Soft talents:

 We can examine a person’s teamwork behavior, communication abilities, organizational skills, and more regarding soft skills. We give a fair amount of thought to how well a new team member will fit into the client’s culture and guarantee that they will remain highly motivated.

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