A Guide to Custom Cone Sleeves Packaging

Have you ever heard about the cone sleeves and want to know what purpose they are being used? As we define the term cone sleeves, it is all about the wrapping and packaging of the ice cream cones to let them stay fresh for long hours. They are generally available in the form of cone sheets with which you will have the waffles or the biscuits on the ice cream to stay fresh and extra crispy. The use of a premium cone sleeve is not just retaining the freshness of the ice cream, but it is protecting the product in the shipping task. It is the real beauty of custom cone sleeves packaging!

What is the main purpose of Custom Cone Sleeves Packaging?

We all know that with time the demand and popularity of printed cone sleeves packaging has been rising at a high level. Besides providing different purposes, it is even contributing towards the creation of a powerful brand image. You do have the choice where you can add custom size cone sleeves with any sort of customization into any shape or size. But make sure that all such custom waffle ice cream cone customization needs to be according to the product theme. You can have the wholesale custom cone sleeve packaging to be available in both large as well as smaller mini ones. 

Helps in Successful Marketing of your Brand

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The use of custom printed cone sleeves has been very much evident when it comes to your brand’s vast exposure. We always call such custom ice cream cone sleeves packaging designs to be the profitable and affordable investment for the people to market their products most efficiently. For branding purposes, you can have the brand logo or the company details have printed on the top of the custom cone sleeve packaging. Hence, this will enable the customer to get attracted to your brand as soon as they notice your logo on the retail shelves. 

Add Sleeve Packaging with Exciting Printing Add-ons

If you want to make your ice cream cone sleeves packaging look unique and thrilling, then make sure you add it with the printing of colorful images. Hence, this is a great way to better convince your customers to buy your product. You can get the striking waffle cone paper sleeves packaging of cone sleeves in a diversity of shapes and styles. Not just the product theme, but you also have to consider the customer requirements in mind. Some of the brands even add it with the custom printed cone sleeves designing the facility and great styling to add it with extra charm. You can often add the branded ice cream cone sleeves box with the usage of funky computer graphics and ClipArts to somehow end the custom ice cream cone jackets to be exciting looking.

Used quality material for cone sleeve packaging:

As regards the material is concerned, there are various material options that you can use for the ice cream cone wrappers wholesale packaging. Some of the most common ones are kraft and cardboard. The reason for using such materials for ice cream cone holders is the fact that they are contributing towards excellent protection of the product. Creation of the protective custom printed waffle cone sleeves packaging will be reducing the overall overhead costs and will also enhance the public image for the consumers. Plus, the custom ice cream cone sleeves materials which you are using are also environment-friendly, which keeps the product miles away from all sorts of damages. Hence, they have the power in which they can withstand any weather condition and in a harsh environment. Cardboard is one such custom cone sleeve box material that is not just durable but equally best in its reusable and recycling nature. All you should be aiming for is to advertise your product better under the sustainable nature of various ice cream cone covers materials. 


To sum up, for a successful advertisement of your brand, you can often add wholesale custom cones with a logo in a clear way. Consider the packaging designs of custom ice cream cone wrappers that suit your customer’s requirements the best. Are you ready for it?