A Guide to Choosing the Right Industrial Curtains

Industrial curtains are possibly the easiest way for you to separate your working environment without tedious and expensive construction. It is made of a flexible material that you can easily hang and separate a working environment. Given the different types of industrial environments, these curtains can be made of a variety of materials, each of which caters to a specific niche.

Since you have to choose from so many types of industrial curtains, you might want to first consider what type of curtain is right for you and how you should go about choosing it. Here is a short guide on how you can choose the right type of curtains for the job.

Understanding the Specifications of the Curtains

Before you can buy industrial curtains, you need to learn about all of the different types of materials that make up these different types of curtains. And in terms of materials, these curtains will often be made of lightweight materials to ensure that they are easy to move out of the way but can still perform their specific purpose. Some of these lightweight materials include:

·        Wood

·        PVC

·        Vinyl

·        And fabric

These are the most popular types of materials used in industrial curtains, since they are both lightweight and are versatile enough to perform various functions. These types can also have unique sub-categories that can cater to a specific niche.

As for the measurements, these curtains will often be measured English units feet (ft) or inches (In). Depending on where you are, some may even measure it in metric units like centimeters or millimeters. So make sure you have the relevant information for measurements of the industrial curtains for your company.

The Different Types of Curtains

After considering the material and the size of your overall project, you now have to choose the right type of the industrial curtains. Depending on why you need these curtains in the first place, a different type will suit your specific niche. Some of the most popular types include:

·        Welding curtains

·        Stage curtains

·        Privacy screens

·        Mesh partitions

·        Laser curtains

·        And curtain walls

While they might be under different names, learning their descriptions can help you find the right one for the task.

Refrigerating Curtains

Refrigeration curtains are made to ensure that the cold air doesn’t escape through the material. These are often found in front of refrigeration doors to keep the cold air from getting out and possibly spoiling what is inside.

Plastic Refrigeration Curtains

These are possibly the most popular types of refrigeration curtains that you can find, and are especially used in trucks to create colder interiors. They will usually be made from heavy-duty vinyl, which can block UV rays and make sure that they do not make their way into the truck.

Welding Curtains

As the name implies, welding curtains are made of a special material that ensures that weld flash does not pass through. These will usually be in place to protect people who are outside the immediate welding zone.

Stage Curtains

Stage curtains are made from a lavish looking fabric that the production team will use to cover the stage.  They need to be flowy and will usually have a very beautiful color to them, which is a standard for the industry.

Privacy Screens

These types of screens will usually be portable and will be made from a variety of materials that can easily block anyone’s line of sight. They allow for visual privacy in very open space such as hospital wards.

Mesh Curtains

These curtains will often be blocking entryways or doors to keep light and air passing through while keeping a visual separator.

Laser Curtains

These industrial curtains are designed to absorb and diffuse beams of light, which can include laser beams.

Curtain Walls

These curtains serve a very specific purpose, in that they are clear or solid, and are hung from the ceiling.

Checking the Different Features

Finally, you want to check for different features in your curtains to make sure that they will fit your purpose. For example, welding curtains need to be fireproof, whereas curtain walls should be more soundproof.


Industrial curtains come in shapes and sizes, so you want to make sure that you find the right one for your business. And with this guide, you will be able to easily find the right one.

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