A Guide to Best Belts for Men

The way your style your clothes say a lot about your personality and habits. Men are often judged by the shoes they wear and the belts they tie around their waist. Choosing a particular type of belt with your outfit defines your sense of style, which may be trashy or sassy.

A well-chosen belt can tie your outfit together, creating an impression that some ladies will never forget. However, many men are ignorant about the fashion trends or even the simplest fashion sense. I have seen a lot of men looking like a fashion disaster with a light green t-shirt tucked in their jeans and their reverie covered with a belt of an unusual color and style. However, it will grab the attention of many but in a funny way! A bad color combination can turn your look into a mockery.

Besides, many men have no idea about the accurate size of their waist. I have seen men buying belts that are either loose or way too wide. If you are attracted to a belt with a funny buckle, then my dear friend, you need sincere fashion advice from a professional.

Selecting a belt for yourself shouldn’t be much of a task. Also, you need not spend a fortune on purchasing a belt for yourself. Having a few staple choices can get you through all the occasions you are thinking about. I have compiled down some points that will help you select a belt for every occasion.

Know Your Size-

The best way to know the exact length of the belt suitable for your waist is to measure your waist size and let the showroom attendee know. He/ she can provide you with the correct size. The other way is to see if the tip of the belt is crossing the first belt loop and stopping halfway.

Match it with Your Shoes-

Belts often make a great pair with shoes a man wear. So, know the collection of the formal shoes you own and keep a check on the ones you wear a lot. It will help you select the color of the belt accordingly and the fabric you are looking for (suede, leather, patent).

Go for Leather Belts-

Leather belts are the ultimate choice of classy men. However, you must be careful when purchasing a leather belt since some may get ruin in a limited time. A finely finished leather belt is only made via top-quality manufacturing. So, you must buy a leather belt from trusted brands.

Choose the Correct Buckle Belt-

The buckle of your belt is the centrepiece that attracts a lot of eyes. Therefore, choose a belt with a decent and elegant buckle made in gold, silver or other metal. Some top-notch brands have their logos moulded into rivets that look chic on men’s waist. Hence, don’t miss out!

Look for Other Options-

Leather may be the default choice of many, but there are other options available that make it for various other occasions. I will always ask you to go with the material according to your dress code. If you are more into formals, leather belts are good to go. But for summers and casuals, twill cotton or woven fabric belts can tune up your personality.