A Guide on Properties in Turkey

With a population of about 85 million, Turkey is a hub for major businesses and is brimming with investment opportunities. The real estate market in the country has achieved rapid prosperity lately, and with the availability of a diversified local property sector, many foreign investors have begun analyzing the market’s potential.  

The most attractive thing about Turkey is that one can find various real estate options for competitive rates. All those foreign investors who want to explore the Turkish property sector for potential investments should read this guide to understand the different types of properties Turkey offers:   

Types of Properties in Turkey

Turkey is an enormous country with different areas and regions where foreign investors can purchase real estate. Turkey’s two main types of properties are residential and commercial, which further break into several types. Hence, there are a plethora of real estate options that investors can consider:

Residential Properties

Residential properties are the most common type that foreign investors gravitate towards. Some invest in residential properties to use them as long-term accommodation, while others select this type for rental purposes to acquire income.

Foreign investors mostly prefer residential units within complexes over independent ones, despite the high prices, since they provide access to many convenient services such as maintenance, fitness centres, security, playgrounds, gardens, etc.


Apartments are perfect for investors on a budget. Turkey has many options for apartments that include both new and old. Ultimately, the apartment prices depend on the area, how old the building is, etc.

Within the apartment category, there are options such as duplexes, triplex and studio apartments. 

  • Studio apartments are much smaller, with a size that is around 75 square metres. The bedroom, living room and kitchen spaces are connected which makes studio apartments ideal for single individuals and students to live in. 
  • Duplex apartments, however, can be 2+1 or more, with two floors. Foreign homebuyers prefer this type because of its spaciousness and the presence of multiple floors, making them perfect for mid-sized to large families. 
  • Triplexes have three floors linked via a staircase and work best for big families.
  • The last apartment type is the penthouse, which is located at the top-most floor of high-rise buildings. This type is quite pricey since it is not attached to any apartments and offers more privacy. Some penthouses will even have luxury facilities, such as private pools. 


A villa is a standalone residential property offering better privacy to its residents and can have multiple floors. Most villas are newer constructions. 

Villas work best for those who want to live a secluded lifestyle and have their own private garden. Some villas even feature private pools. 

There are also seaside villas for those who desire jaw-dropping views from their balcony.

Due to their premium facilities and spaciousness, villas are the most expensive type of residential property to invest in. 


Investors can purchase land for multiple purposes, such as agriculture or construction. Land purchased to construct residential properties is likely to bring great returns. 

Commercial Properties

Commercial properties are quite lucrative for foreign investors. Commercial properties can be standalone, within complexes or in high-rise buildings. 

The types of commercial properties available for investors include shops, office units, restaurants, shopping centres, etc. 

Office units, especially, can bring in impressive income since newly established businesses are always looking for sophisticated office spaces to operate from. 

Investing in shops can also prove to be an excellent decision since store spaces can be rented out to global brands.

Moreover, investing in a restaurant is also an excellent way to profit since Turkey receives millions of tourists and restaurants located in tourist hotspots do great business. Foreigners can also invest in commercial properties, turn them into holiday rentals, and use them as a source of income. However, the property must be in or close to a touristy spot. 

Commercial properties serving as buildings of educational institutions and hospitals can also bring maximum returns.

Is It a Good Time to Buy a Property in Turkey?

With the changing value of the Turkish Lira and the rapid expansion of the real estate sector, now is the ideal time to check out the various types of properties in Turkey and invest in the one that meets your needs. Prime Property Turkey can provide you with a comprehensive portfolio of the most elite residential and commercial properties for different price ranges. Connect with our professional team of consultants who can guide you on how to make a safe real estate investment in Turkey.

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