A Guide Of Tiffani S Lankford: How To Gain Weight Safely

Do you want to gain weight? Do you think that you eat more food but not get a good result? Many teenage or adult boys have a desire and enthusiasm to gain weight, however, they can’t gain weight due to a lack of knowledge on how to take food daily that influences the muscle tissue and ultimately helps to augment weight and you will get an astonished body. 

Approximately, the one-third population of the United States Of America is overweight however, many people have an opposite obstacle, and that is the too skinny body. Yes, it is true, in America, a high number of people are skinny too. That is inevitable. 

In a recent survey of NHANES (National Health And Nutrition Examination Survey), 1.5% of the US population comes under underweight, underweight means if your BMI (Body Mass Index) is under 18 then you are known as an underweight person. 

How To Gain Weight Healthily 

Soda and donuts help you to gain weight fast but these things are not safe for body health, so you can’t. Some several foods and guides help you to gain weight healthily. Thus, it is essential to eat healthy food for better physical fitness said, Tiffani S Lankford. A coach of physical fitness and sports. Ahead, you will get to know about significant guidelines and foods that help you to gain weight. 

A Guide For Weight Gain 

  • Take More Calories 

You need to take more calories than you burn daily, you have to take more calories than your body needs,  suppose your body needs 500 calories in a day, then you have to eat 1000 calories to gain weight. It helps you to gain weight healthily. 

  • Eat More Protein 

Eating more protein is one of the most important things to gain weight, protein plays a very significant role when you do a daily workout and it assists to build muscles and converts the extra calories into muscles. It is good because extra calories will be the cause of body fat when you avoid daily exercise. meats, eggs, fish, protein powder has higher protein.  

  •  Lift Heavy Weight 

According to Tiffani S Lankford If you want to convert your calories into muscles then you have to go to the gym and lift a heavyweight, this will help you to gain weight healthily, and you will get a shaped body soon if you eat a healthy diet daily. It is a must to do exercise. 

  • Eat At least 5 Times A Day

If you eat fat and carbs this will be essential for gaining weight fast, imagine you take everything like protein, fat, carbs, calories, and do a workout daily, then, you can influence your body for a healthy and shaped body. 

Promising Tips To Gain Fast 

  • Get quality sleep every day.
  • Don’t drink water before eating, because it fills your stomach and you can’t get enough calories. 
  • Try protein powder, it has enough protein that assists you to gain fast. 
  •  Eat more than enough, it is very useful. 
  • Don’t smoke, as per Tiffani S Lankford, smoking causes loss of your weight. If you quit smoking and eat enough healthy food then you will get the best result. 

Foods For Rapid Gain 

Meat: Chicken, Fish, Pork, Lamb and more. 

Carbs: Potatoes, Sweet potatoes, Rice. 

Dried Fruits and Nuts: Walnuts, Dates, Apricots, Cashews, Raisins, Almond, etc

High Protein Food: Eggs, Chicken Breast, Seafood, lean beef, etc. 
Fruits: Banana, Apple, Orange, Avocados, and more.