A Flower for Every Cardmaking Season: 5 Floral Stamps for 5 Different Occasions

Who doesn’t love flowers? Flowers are one of the most universal symbols of sharing emotions and affection. Some are more easily identifiable than others. There are red roses for love, daisies for innocence, and peonies for a happy life. Flowers work for nearly every occasion. Your friend had a new baby? Give them a bouquet of flowers. Your niece recently graduated from college? Give her a bouquet of flowers. A co-worker’s relative has passed away? Give them a bouquet of flowers. Or even if you just want to spread some cheer on a gloomy day, a bouquet of flowers fits in perfectly. 

This tradition of giving flowers translates well into cardmaking. What is a flower that never dies? Flower petals that never fade? Floral pollen that never makes you sneeze? Why, floral stamps, of course! Floral stamps allow you to creatively put together marvelous floral arrangements to send a special message to your loved ones. Here are five occasions you can use floral stamps for while cardmaking.

Daffodils – New Beginnings

The imagery of dancing daffodils is a very iconic floral description. The beautiful yellow cup-shaped petals offer a sharp, vivid scene, reminding us of the intensity of nature and the coming of spring. Daffodils celebrate rebirth and new beginnings. Use a daffodil stamp set to send wishes to your loved ones who are experiencing new beginnings. This is a particularly great option for a couple welcoming a new baby into their family, but other ideas include gifts for someone who just moved into a new home, someone who started a new job, a young student attending college for the first time, or anyone else starting something new in their lives. Whether you are making a card as a housewarming gift or to celebrate a brand-new baby, daffodils will spread the cheer well.

Orchids – Show Admiration

Oh, orchids! What stately, elegant flowers these are! Orchids, specifically purple orchids, are thought to represent admiration or respect, and for good reason, too. These flowers simply emit an aura of importance and gravitas. These imperious flowers stand tall and self-assured, as if they are ready to take on the world. You can use this symbolism in your cards and gifts well. Stamp some elegant orchids on a card you might make for someone you admire or respect. The card can be for a teacher, a lifelong mentor, a religious leader, a parent, or even your boss at work. Think of all the people who have helped guide you through life and teach you important life lessons and skills. Show them how much you admire them with a lovely orchid. The symbolism will not be missed!

Chrysanthemums – Get Well Soon

Chrysanthemums are such colorful, ornamental flowers which do not go missed. Passing by a garden of chrysanthemums, or mums, as they are also called, you will always feel the urge to pause and take a sniff. These flowers, which bloom in the fall, represent beauty and joy even in the face of imminent difficulty. Just as nature prepares itself to transition to the rough stages of winter, chrysanthemums are there to offer beauty amidst the difficulty. Keeping this symbolism in mind, you can use the imagery of chrysanthemums in your cards and gifts for people you care about. This is a great option when your loved ones are going through tough times. For those get-well-soon or sympathy cards, use chrysanthemum stamps. Show your sympathy and let your loved ones know that times will get better. And what better way to remember that someone cares than with a sweet floral card. A chrysanthemum will definitely be a great touch!

Hyacinths – Playfulness

Hyacinths are such gorgeous delicate beauties. These fragrant flowers emit a strong, delicious, unforgettable aroma when you are in their presence. Hyacinths represent playfulness and are perfect for fun cards you make for your friends during any occasion or season. Let the hyacinth playfulness shine through your cards as you celebrate the fun times you have shared with your loved ones. If you don’t want your friends to forget you, definitely stamp some hyacinths on your cards. Use your hyacinth stamps well!

Roses – Love

Of course, roses are the most iconic of all flowers! No floral stamp collection is complete without some gorgeous rose stamps. It is well-known that roses represent love. With rose stamps, you can show your love and affection for your loved ones in sweet, long-lasting cards. Send an “I love you” message to those you care about with some beautifully stamped roses. No flower stamp can match the beauty of a rose, and no card will look as beautiful than one with stamped roses!

These are only five of the many, many flowers you may stamp onto your cards. What are some ways you use flowers in your cards?

Dorothy Gracious

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