A Fitted Sheet will Help You to Sleep Comfortably

A fitted sheet is nothing but a mattress cover that has edges sewn to fit over the corners of your mattress perfectly. The manufacturers make these fitted sheets in such a way that they can prevent folding in the middle of the bed.

It generally prevents the beds from normal wear and tears. Traditionally people call this fitted sheet a bottom sheet. Here you can directly lie on them and it is you do not need to have a bed sheet spread over them. Since sleep is very important for a healthy life you need to have the perfect environment and materials you have the best sleep.

Research has shown that humans spend one-third of their life sleeping. You cannot perform well if you don’t have a good and sound sleep prior to your work. You can manage one or two days without having proper sleep but after that, you will not be able to even do the tiniest daily life work.

Some Information about the Fitted Sheet

Now before you choose the most suitable fitted sheet for your bed you need to know about some of the aspects that define the quality of the sheet.

  1. The first thing here is the thread count of the sheet. Thread count is nothing but the number of threads put in within a square inch of the sheet. In case the material is expensive and stretchable the thread count plays a huge role in defining the quality of the fitted sheet.
  2. There are many materials that will provide you comfortable sleep even though the thread count is lower. On the other hand, some of the material will not be able to provide that much comfort after having a higher thread count.
  3. The second thing you need to take care of your fitted sheet is the material. The kind of material you choose to make your seat is going to be the key player in providing you comfort during your sleep. The sheet contains extra-long staple fibers that are going to provide you a very comfortable and sound sleep. It is also a very durable and extremely lasting material.
  4. A cotton fitted sheet can give passage through the trade per year which causes regulation of temperature and evaporate your sweats. If you are deciding in an area where the climate is a bit hot then you can choose the linen sheets. Though you are expensive they will last longer.

How to Make a Fitted Sheet?

If you have decided to have a fitted sheet from Zizzz for your bed then you need to know how to take the measurement to make it.

  1. First of all, you need to measure the length and width of the mattress and then take measurement two times of the death.
  2. Now you need to cut the fabric according to the measurement and make the corner markings on them.
  3. Now hold them and bring the ages of each corner together. Lastly, you need to sew them with elastic inside the ends and your fitted sheet is ready.