A Few Interesting and Unknown Uses of Hang Tabs

The average consumer will spend more money when shopping in a retail setting versus when shopping online. What conclusions can we draw from that?

For starters, we can surmise that when you go shopping in the real world, you’re probably spending more time doing that versus how much time you’d spend during an average eShopping session. After all, spending more money usually entails taking more time to pick up more merchandise.

Given the amount of time you spend in retail settings, you’ve probably seen your fair share of hang tabs. Hang tabs, for the uninitiated, are those little bits of adhesive plastic that allow products to hook onto display rods so they can be showcased and accessed.

Hang tabs aren’t only great at displaying products in retail though! Keep reading to learn a handful of other ways people use these handy hooks/adhesives to make their lives better.

Suspending Your Grooming Go-To’s

Have you looked inside your bathroom cabinets lately? If they’re anything like ours, we imagine a whole host of face washes, sunscreens, foundations, and more mixed in a massive pile.

Not only does that make your bathroom look bad and make it hard to find what you’re looking for, but it’s downright unsanitary depending on what kind of products you use.

To create some clarity in that calamity, many people use store merchandise tabs to hook their grooming go-to’s onto suspended displays they purchase from Amazon or other big box stores. That allows people to quickly organize and find their most important bathroom products since they’ll be dangling in arm’s reach!

Garage Organization

Hanging up items from your bathroom cabinets isn’t the only little-known use for hang tabs. Unbeknownst to many, hang tabs also come in heavy-duty varietals which some retailers use to suspend heavier products.

These heavy-duty tabs can carry massive weight which makes them perfect for suspending tools in your garage.

Imagine being able to quickly grab your measuring tape, hammer, drill, and so forth because they were dangling out in the open. That would save you time and make it a lot easier to tackle that weekend furniture build or leaky faucet you’ve been avoiding.

Bring Order to Your Kitchen

You probably know where we’re going with this… Messy kitchen with cookware/tools strewn everywhere? Not anymore!

Just like you did your bathroom and garage, hang up your pans, spatulas, and other items with standard plastic hang tabs or heavy-duty hang tabs if you have heavier kitchenware.

You’ll love how uncluttered your cooking/eating space will look!

If Hanging Helps, Hang Tabs Are Your Solution

As a general rule, if suspending an item in the air would be helpful to you using or organizing said item, using hang tabs is a great solution. We hope we’ve impressed that idea upon you with this post and look forward to all of the creative ways you’ll leverage the sticky hanging tabs you pick up!

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