A Few Beautiful and Useful Kitchen Cabinet Ideas That Won’t Be Outdated Ever

As it comes to a kitchen, the components like color trends, décor, and appliances are not consistent. They are subject to fashion and fads. But do the cabinets in your kitchen help you to go with the trend? Well,some choices never get outdated. They are always in trend. Whether you’re decorating your new kitchen or refurbishing the existing one, the following designs will always be in trend while offering style and staying in power.

Evergreen kitchen cabinet ideas

  • Wooden cabinets -Though there was a time when they were considered to be unattractive and outdated, they are now very much in vogue. Wooden vintage kitchen cabinets usually feature a neutral finish to add a subtle texture and subdued dimension to the entire space. Depending on the color and door styles, the look may vary. It may be rustic and warm or modern and clean.

  • Open shelving – This is another ageless trend in cabinets. Less is always more in terms of kitchen decoration. Open shelving is a trendy alternative to upper cabinets. They allow more air and light to your space. This also allows you to flaunt the dishwasher, decorative accessories, and potted herbs. If you don’t want to rip out the existing unit, just remove the cabinet doors and transform the unit to open shelving.

  • Cabinets with a glass front – This is also a good option for timeless cabinetry. Glass doors of the cabinets soothe your eyes and give you relief from wall-to-wall units. They also help to display glassware, beautiful crockery sets, and collectibles. Adding only a few glass doors can do the wonder while giving the space a fresh and soft look. They also lighten rustic flooring.

  • Blue cabinets – These are considered to be the new neutral. This popular color works pretty well for the kitchen furniture units. The subtle hues of blue are eternal. They never go outdated. Pair your dusty blue units with natural wooden accents.
  • Accent hardware – Accent hardware is extremely effective in drawing attention to the cabinet doors. Purple doors, for example, will be outstanding with gold cabinet pulls. Also, add antique knobs and pulls for your antique cabinets. You will find them at any vintage store and flea market.

  • Fusion cabinetry – For a contemporary touch to the conventional cabinets, go for a two-tone look. Use a different shade for upper and base units. You can also pair shaker-style base units with raised-trim upper ones. Grey shade would be ideal for patterned tile flooring.

  • Traditional touches–If you want to add a cottage, vintage or traditional flair to the kitchen units, use custom trim work. You can also use refurbished hardware. Use a small mantel or some intricate corbels.

  • Simplicity – Keep things simple and light. And white kitchen cabinets are perfect for simplicity combined with lightness. Such cabinets are versatile and long-lasting. They look good in any type of kitchens – be it a cottage, modern or traditional ones. White cabinets with shaker-style doors are ideal to give the kitchen a simple and fresh look. Pick modest hardware to maintain the classy look of your white kitchen.

Kitchen cabinets are a costly investment. You can’t replace them now and then. So choose something that you don’t need to change over time to keep up with the trend. Choose sometime ageless.