A detailed review of Huawei magic watch 2

Welcome back to another blog post in this web content. We are going to have a look at huawei magic watch 2. This thing starts at 4 pieces 11900 a 9 for the 42 mm dial and a 46 mm dial which starts at rupees 12999. I know there might be a lot of questions in your mind like why does this watch exist because it already has its watch gt2 which sells just over 15,000 rupees well I’ll try to answer all those questions in this article.

What’s inside the box?

Inside the box, we get the huawei magic watch 2 of course but let’s keep that aside and see what else we do get inside the box and we also get a full-size USB a two USB type-c charging cable, and then you also get a circular magnetic charging pad for the watch and we get some device literature and I think that’s pretty much it when it comes to the contents of the box of the owner huawei magic watch 2 tools.


That’s one of my favorite features of this watch now right from the dial you would notice that the honor magic watch 2 is not screaming that it’s a smart watch because honestly it looks very similar to a traditional analog watch and that’s good for a smart for watching my opinion and I have taken up this silicon strap variant but you also get a leather option but that starts a trapeze $14,995 so of this watch straps from any of the local workshops of your liking now coming back to the design you get two buttons on the right sides which do rotate but which will function there so they are not a rotating crown like you find on the Apple watch and other wear OS devices but they still give a watch a premium look in my opinion.

Interface & Features

The top button is the home button so it will land you on your watch face wherever you are on your Smart Watch but the down button is customizable so you can go to the settings and choose what you want the down button to do for you it can do a bunch of stuff it can open apps it can open your music player and a lot of stuff. Huawei has given a little pinch of customization for the down button for talking about the OS, the automatic watch to actually run a light OS which is twelve by a huawei for smart watches only and it also packs in its gear in one processor just like the GT watch.


There is a limitation to only text messages and you can only read messages on the magic watch you can’t reply to them so for example if you have a message which has a lot of emoji’s huawei magic watch 2 or photos you won’t be able to see it first but you will also not be able to reply so the magic watch 2 is just to see your notifications and if you want to reply you’ll have to unlock your phone and then do it and talking about the functionality of the light OS well you get basic functions like you can customize the watch faces and although you have limited options on the watch you can always go on the huawei health app and change it from there.

This was it for my initial impressions of the huawei magic watch 2 to let me know in the comment section below if you have some questions about the automatic modes. I would love to answer them in the comment section below.