A Detailed Guide About the Top Features of Lahore Smart City

Lahore Smart City is a project that highlights the real estate industry of Pakistan in every manner. Be it its developers, master plan, location, or features. Everything about this society screams perfection and here are some of the top features of Lahore Smart City which prove that it is worthy of the hype.

Promising Parts of LSC

Lahore smart city is a dream for people around Pakistan. A perfect blend of sophistication and modern facilities. The smart homes of this society come with a plethora of services such as commercial and residential facilities. Here is a look at some of these places which are promising in society:

China Village

This one offers a wide range of residential and commercial spots for the society residents which offer high quality of life. Moreover, it also comes with the option of aesthetic and mouth-watering hotels and restaurants with amazing ambiance. There is also a “crystal lake” in the society in this village.

Aviation Village

This one has the following amenities:

  • Multiple Shopping Areas
  • Hotels
  • Warehouses
  • Exhibition Halls
  • Offices

Aviation Village boosts a healthy infrastructure that is green and sustainable and eco-friendly. All of this leads to reduced waste generation and resource optimization.

Hill Vista

This section boosts some of the best residential locations for people in Lahore Smart City. This one is in near vicinity to farmhouses and also has a golf club close by. Hill Vista also allows people to retain houses at affordable prices, the location has everything and the houses come with smart facilities.

Financial Square

The financial square serves as the downtown of Lahore smart city. It has all the gems of the master plan of the society and also has the following:

  • Banks
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants

Why Should You Invest in Lahore Smart City?

Wondering about the reasons why Lahore Smart City is the hyped project of the time. Here are the reasons. Listed below are the top features of Lahore Smart City which promises ease and quality.

24/7 Electricity, Gas, and Water Provision

Pakistan as a country is fighting a million battles and one such battle is the unavailability of an uninterrupted supply of basic life facilities such as water, gas, and electricity. People are accustomed to the load shedding of resources and this is considered as one of the biggest setbacks.

That is why LSC has managed to gain a respectable repute among the investors. This one has an uninterrupted supply of water, gas, and electricity promising the residents ease and comfort alongside the journey. Even during the most cold seasons, the sui gas supply is uninterrupted. Furthermore, the supply of electricity is ensured via underground electrification. All of this ensures comfort and safety.

Street Lights Automation

One of the most important things that are an absolute necessity yet people tend to ignore their importance is the installation of street lights. Street lights help to increase the aesthetics of society and also reduce the hassle that the residents might have to face.

Capital Smart City Islamabad boosts street lights which are automated and are prone to weather and other exterior conditions. This ensures the dedication of the developers to making sure that the residents are able to live happily and freely.

Wifi Access Across the Society

Wifi and secure and safe access to it is one of the most basic needs of the current time. As people are dependent on wifi to connect with the rest of the world, this need is something that cannot be ignored in any manner. Therefore a rather common question nowadays is whether a certain location has access to wifi or not.

Automated Air Conditioning in Buildings

Climate change is something that is hitting us all hard. This issue is serious and people need to ensure that they have enough instruments and appliances to fight off the excessively changing and intense weather. To beat this heat and humidity, AC and cooling systems are an absolute necessity. LSC takes pride in providing high-quality Air conditioning systems in all its residential and commercial centers.

Smart Traffic Control System

One of the biggest issues of the current times is the traffic. It creates issues and is a hassle for people. People when they are stuck in traffic can miss a number of important opportunities. This is something that is not overlooked by the developers. They have ensured a well build road network and a bus system that promises convenience.

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