A Detailed Explanation of Run-Flat Tyres

Tyres are important to carry the weight of your vehicle and they keep you stable while you are in the middle of your journey. Proper air pressure in your tyres is essential because without air, it is not possible to get optimum performance.

Loss of air in Continental Tyres Stone takes place due to several reasons but a puncture is one of the main reasons for reduced air pressure. Sometimes, it is frustrating while you are on the way and suddenly you find that one of your tyres has no air pressure. Conditions are totally out of control if you do not know how to change your tyre or you do not have the required tools to perform this job.

Because of this reason, most drivers do not like punctures but they have no choice to escape from this problem. Nowadays, a new technology called run-flat is making car drivers delighted due to its multiple benefits.

This technological advancement makes you able to run your car for a limited distance even if one of your tyres is flat. In this blog, we are going to tell you about run-flat tyres that are quite popular nowadays.

What are run-flat tyres?

Run-flat tyres are useful for car drivers since they keep the vehicle stable for a short distance while the car drivers experience a puncture in the tyre. Sometimes, it is not comfortable to stop the car due to cold nights, quiet highways, or antisocial activities. If you have installed run-flat tyres in this condition, you can easily choose the place to stop your car since you do not need to change your punctured tyre urgently.

Run-flat tyres allow you to cover nearly 50 miles at the speed of 50mph to reach a safe place like your home or a garage.

What is the base of run-flat technology?

Run-flat tyres are designed with improved sidewalls. Normal tyres will collapse due to the weight of the vehicle without proper air pressure. But, due to reinforced sidewalls, run-flat tyres will maintain their shape even after a sharp object has pierced the tyre’s body.

Is it possible to replace run-flat tyres with traditional tyres?

Many carmakers are introducing their new models of cars with run-flat tyres. These cars do not have a spare tyre and tyre changing toolkit since these components are not required with run-flat tyres.

It is possible to change run-flat tyres to traditional tyres. While you make this decision, you have to buy a spare tyre as well and you will need a toolkit as well.

Before you make this change, you need to consult with your car manufacturer or car dealer since handling and compatibility matters will be there to increase your problems.

Can you replace traditional tyres with run-flat tyres?

It is possible to install run-flat tyres but to know more about the compatibility matters, you need to contact your car dealer or car manufacturer. With run-flat tyres, you need to install a tyre pressure monitoring system since most cars with run-flat tyres come with TPMS as well.

Is it possible to repair run-flat tyres?

Most tyre manufacturers do not believe that repairing run-flat tyres is safe or recommended. However, it is possible to repair the tyre but it is impossible to measure the level of severity while the mechanic examines run-flat tyres. If you want more specific information on this matter, only the manufacturer will be able to provide the correct answer.

Mixing run-flat tyres and traditional tyres

Mixing conventional tyres with run-flat tyres is not recommended. It is a dangerous combination since handling features in both tyre types are quite different.

Finally, run-flat tyres Stone are extremely useful to allow you to reach a safe place when you need help instantly. Driving with run-flat tyres provides a sense of safety and security while you are having started a long journey. However, personal goals may be different from driver to driver. Thus, look at your aims and make a good decision.