A Cozy Haven With Nursery Wall Art

Nursery and children’s wall art can make a statement in a child’s room, draw attention and fill in empty space. Anyone who has decorated a room knows that a room with bare walls feels unfinished. Wall art in a nursery can expand or complement your theme and bring together all the colors or patterns that play in the bedroom. Children work best when they are surrounded by color, design and creativity. The options for kids wall murals are as endless as kids are full of possibilities! Royal Bambino has a large selection of Nursery and nursery wall art with over 1000 different items created by over 36 different designers!

For parents, baby rooms are designed to be a cozy, comfortable and fun haven for their little ones. Themes such as zoos and sports for boys and pinks and pastels for girls are carefully chosen to reflect the feelings of parents in the design. Furniture and fixtures from cribs to shelves are also carefully selected to ensure safety, comfort and convenience for both parents and toddlers.

To add character to your child’s room, you must consider the virtues of nursery wall art! Bare walls can instantly be brightened up with just a few additions of cute, adorable and even cuddly artwork, so spending time in a nursery is a welcome experience for you and your little one. After all, who wouldn’t be happy just looking at the colorful pictures and letters on the walls?

You will also like the fact that the wall mural for the nursery is very easy to glue. Your choices range from hole-in-the-wall paintings to decals that require very little time, effort, and money to install. After all, even your child’s first grader can stick wall stickers! Pictures in a kids room are something kids will grow up looking at and will create lasting memories for years to come. Changing a nursery as a child grows into a small child and then into an adult can be easily redone over and over again if you opt for wall stickers or other fun artwork.

And of course, there’s also the nice fact that nursery wall art offers so many options. On the one hand, you have paintings, prints, and plaques of anything and everything child-friendly that can be placed to add texture to bare walls. Adding letters for their first or last name can also be a creative way to decorate and make a room feel more personal.

On the other hand, you also have decals, vinyl decor and decals in a variety of configurations ranging from item images to letters in all fonts. Just peel off the backing paper, stick them to the walls and voila! You have just personalized your child’s cozy haven. Yes, even if that same room was the nursery of his older siblings, each of whom probably has a life of his own.

So, whenever you feel like you want to transform your child’s room from dull to luxurious – or, as the kids want it, cozy, comfortable and fun – think about nursery wall art and you can never go wrong.

Your child’s bedroom or nursery is his personal space where he can play, dream and relax. Fill all of these features with designs on the walls of a child’s room that express their creativity, personality, and interests. Bold colors and cartoons are full of energy and inspiration; landscapes and decorations give the room a calming effect; or choose a design that reflects your child’s interests, such as ballerinas for your aspiring ballerina, a soccer ball for your little sports star, or sheet music for your aspiring musician. Let their imaginations run wild with scenes of a carnival Ferris wheel, planets in outer space, or mermaid tea parties. Customize your child’s bedding with butterfly or dinosaur wall art, or complement the animal print with cute safari-inspired elephants and zebras.

Go classic with children’s wall art featuring sailboats, paisley or floral patterns, or modern with decorative circles or luxurious couture swirls. Lay out smaller squares or hang a large one above your bed. Choose between framed paintings or painted canvas. Beautiful embellishments with textures such as sequins or ribbons are available to enhance the picture. There are also hanging stands, growth charts, clocks and mirrors. The decor options for a child’s room are endless!

Personalize their art so it makes sense for a lifetime! Many of our nursery wall designs are customizable so your child’s name can be added to this already stunning piece of art. Personalized children’s art will give them a sense of ownership and pride. They will love looking at it even more if they feel like it was made just for them!

Give your child an early love of fine arts with baby and nursery wall art especially for him. Baby Wall decor can fill your child with pride and inspiration, and make your child’s bedroom a room where he wants to bring his friends and spend all his free time! Find a unique piece to match your room and your child’s style at Visit to see our selection of Nursery and Nursery Kids Prints available today!