A Cost-Effective Radiology Prior Authorization Destination

In a survey done in the year 2020 by AMA in between 23rd November to 14th December, it is seen that more than 85 percent of physicians stated that the burden associated with prior authorization was high or extremely higher than the last year.

In fact on average, physicians end up completing 40 prior authorizations in a week which roughly takes about two whole business days or 16 hours each week on average when measured. Furthermore, two in five physicians also had an additional staff or authorization expert who works exclusively on prior authorization requests and follow-up, according to the survey which cost roughly around $17 / hr for the healthcare practices in order to operate a seamless authorization process.

So if you are spending on extra authorization experts then why not opt for an affordable cost-effective method is the question.

Sunknowledge Services Inc a cost-effective radiology prior authorization solution:

Taking care of complete prior authorization services including all the

  • Verifying eligibility
  • Initiating authorization
  • Following up on the request
  • Obtaining and acknowledging authorization
  • Scheduling the drug delivery etc

Our experts take complete responsibility focusing on faster authorization submission on the same day, increasing the rate by 1-5-2x.

Covering stringent checks and follow-up along with the continuous seamless standard of communication, our experts further helps in eliminating all the extra cost which you had to pay while hiring in-house authorization experts. Reducing your operational cost by 80%, we today have a track record of a 99.9% accuracy rate.

In fact, today we are a pound RCM solution that has never lost a client since 2008. Being one of the leading RCM solutions catering to all your radiology prior authorization needs, Sunknowledge Services Inc today has more than 100s of excellent industry references across the country.

So if you are looking for a cost-effective RCM solution, we are just a call away offering our services only at $7 per hour. For more information, call us right now.