A Conversation with Huy Nguyen: Founder of AMS ColdPro& CEO of The Cargo Crew

Success and failures are a part of life. There are many people who get demotivated by their failures and stop working towards their goals. However, there are a few who keep working towards their dreams regardless of the situation and make it possible for themselves and their loved ones. This is a story of Huy Nguyen, an entrepreneur who despite facing hardships in life strived for excellence. He recently revealed details about his journey from hitting rock bottom to becoming a business owner.

How did you become an entrepreneur? Tell us about your journey and beginnings.

It wasn’t planned. Right before I was 30 years old I caught a case with the State. We fought the case for 2 years and when the trial was over, I was sentenced to 4 years probation. During this time I was desperate to find a job. No one would hire me because of my background. One day my mom calls me to tell me that she’s getting her HVAC system replaced.  She said the owner of the company was Vietnamese. She asked the owner for a favor give me a job. The owner said yes andhired me as an installer. Before this day I was looking for a job for 9 months. My wife was taking care of everything. I wasn’t making any money so every time we’d go out to eat/hang out, my wife would paid. I applied to PetSmart and McDonalds, but they would not even hire me. SoI was excited when I landed a job as an AC installer making $8/hr. Being an installer is a hard job. 90% of men do not last in the installation position. I was hungry though, and I knew there was opportunity. The owner caught my attention. He was my age, Vietnamese and made a good living. I looked up to him and I knew if he could run a company, I could do it too. I always knew I wanted to be my own boss, but this was the moment I realized how I was going to do it.

What happened after you were charged with breaking the law? How did your life change?

It was the first time I went to jail with no bond. The only time people get no bond is when they have committed a serious crime. I don’t want to get into detail about the specific charges, but I can tell you they were drug and weapons related. While in jail I had plenty of time to seriously reflect on my life. You will find out that so called friends won’t even think twice about you. Jail takes everything away from you, and humbles you. It was the most depressing time of my life. Spending months being locked up changed my life. When you lose everything, your car, home, friends, happiness, you hit rock bottom. Even though that period was the darkest moment of my life, I’m blessed to have experienced it because if I didn’t my mindset would be different. I saw the world in a different way and taught myself to see the positive in everything, even in bad situations. Getting in legal trouble and facing the consequences was an experience that changed my life forever. When I’m having a bad day or going through rough times, I think and reflect on my past being locked up. I remind myself how lucky I am to be free. It’s truly a blessing.

In the hardest times, what kept you going?

When you hit rock bottom, there’s nothing left to lose. When you fall and decide you’re going to get back up and fight, every step forward is a win. Many things kept me going. My mindset completely changed once I was finally free. I finally grew up and told myself I wanted to do things the right way. I knew in order to be successful, everything had to be done legally. I wanted to be a better person. My family kept me going, I wanted to make them proud. I wanted to make my wife her proud. I knew if I wanted to marry her I would have to work hard and provide a sustainable life for our future. The vision of me staying out of trouble, being my own boss, owning my own companies, making my own decisions, doing what I love and being free. The thought of that alone was my strength to keep fighting and working hard to achieve my goals.

Tell us about your companies and personal life.

My wife and I reside in Houston, TX. My mom is a famous Vietnamese singer. My aunt, sister, sister in law are also singers. I’ve been in the HVAC industry for 7 years. After my 4th year, I applied to take the State HVAC Exam and got licensed in 2016. May 2016 is when I formed AMS ColdPro , a family owned HVAC company. We provide HVAC services in Houston and surrounding areas. It’s a career I love very much. It’s a great feeling fixing people’s AC’s in the middle of the summer when they’re inside sweating or fixing their heater when they’re cold during winter. The appreciation and gratitude they give you when the system is up and running again is a true humbling feeling. I just formed my 2nd company, The Cargo Crew in Jan. 2019. It is a trucking and freight company providing logistics throughout the US. The trucking business continues to grow in America, and there are more loads that big companies need to move. There are more loads than movers can keep up with, so trucks and drivers are always in need. America continues to grow and with The Cargo Crew, we are happy to be part of building America.


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