A Comprehensive Guide to Healing Crystals

Crystals like the orgonite are powerful stones, and you may experience push or pull energies from them. Users look for them when important issues in life are not addressed, or to tide over body ailments. The best way to search for them is to find out about their attractive properties, hold each one in the hands, close eyes and decipher which one’s energies feel right. Of course, you may choose more than one crystal as well. 

Healing crystals are predominantly associated with individuals visiting yoga retreats in various countries and different meditation communities in the world. However, much has changed and a number of people have also come to recognize this method of alternative healing which is still not backed by comprehensive scientific evidence. People do understand that stress levels have certainly gone through the roof in today’s time, and any reputed crystals shop online helps to cope.      

Over the years, the healing powers of crystals have been recognized and praised by a lot of people which includes celebrities as well. Individuals ranging from millionaires on Wall Street to popular musicians have successfully used them to secure their careers. However, before you make the decision to buy them, it is important to know about the practice of crystal healing. 

All about crystal healing

Crystal healing is an alternate medicine technique to cure different ailments and mental issues by keeping gems on the body or in areas in the vicinity. The use of crystals is to eliminate negative energies, and they work within a person’s energy field to concentrate, absorb and redirect energies for physical or mental enhancement. However, do remember that crystals themselves can improve conditions but they are not likely to cure disorders completely. Crystals have to be aligned with your goals, and there is no limit to healing once this alignment is complete. 

Three major ways in which crystals work are as follows-

  1. Reenergize- Crystals are capable of transferring energy to your body in a manner similar to the working of electricity works through the transfer of energy. They are able to tap the energy from one field and then send it to another. 
  2. Balance– Waves of positive energy flowing through an individual keeps him or her healthy and balanced. However, if the crystal is misaligned, there could be problems that bring about stress. Correct alignment helps get rid of blockages and restores balance.    
  3. Elimination of negative energy– A crystal is able to suck out negative energy from any living being in the manner in which a magnet attracts every metal 

Understanding crystal energy 

Characteristics of stones offer differ from each other. There are some which are suited best for focus while others are meant for energy. For example, clear quartz and citrines in offices are suitable for enhancing focus. However, crystals on the whole bring about calm and knowingness, and do not result in frantic feelings or feelings of anxiety. A crystal will heighten your energy and enable you to flow with the universe. Its presence for the recommended time will give you a sense of arrival with respect to the event results you wish to see. 

How can you use crystals

  • Wear them- Wearing crystals will allow your body to be in direct contact, which is effective in transferring energy 
  • Sleep next to them- There is no denying the fact that sleep is the best form of self healing for the body. Sleeping with crystals will help to amplify the healing process as the crystals would get to work on you throughout the night. 
  • Rub them- When you rub and place a crystal on a chakra or a suitable area of the body, it helps to increase its healing properties
  1. Keep them close and focus – Let the crystal be put below cold running water or in sunlight. Remember to hold it in your hands for some time during the day. Take this time to focus on desired conditions in your life. This is where you program the crystal with your intention. 
  2. Empower them – If your goals fall in the present tense as if already true, empower a crystal and put it on the bed sheet

Should you give importance to the size of a crystal?

Yes, you must consider the crystal’s size as an important parameter while choosing it. Although the energy released by the crystal does depend on its size, you will be able to absorb its energy irrespective of this parameter. A bigger crystal has always been found to possess greater energy properties than a smaller one. Don’t be surprised if you see a few crystals as tall as you! 

Crystals are simply extensions of nature’s intrinsic property of balance. This is what makes them work perfect harmony with humans. However, something specific in life can be brought about only ny specific crystals.  Also remember that too many crystals aligning energies together could get overwhelming at times.