A Comprehensive Guide on Men’s Fashion Trends in 2021

In the trends of men’s fashion for 2021, the main directions are emphasizing individuality, practicality, and versatility. Therefore, designers try to combine all styles of custom-made clothing into one whole, such as putting on a jacket on a t-shirt, including street-style elements and office style. You can also check out this great article about style evolution from threadcurve.

This year, menswear designers have prepared a lot of unexpected surprises and novelties. The most fashionable things of 2021 are presented in unusual shades and new styles. To stay in trend, you should study the main trends in men’s fashion. The main trends of bows for men are brevity, comfort, and layering, as well as a careful combination of sports and classics.

But let’s not rush and take a look at everything in order.

Table of Content

Men’s Fashion Trends 2021

  • Outerwear
  • Basic Clothing
  • Men’s Shirts
  • Pastel Colours and Bright Colours
  • Fashionable Men’s Pants
  • Casual Suits
  • Beach Fashion

Wrapping Up!

Men’s Fashion Trends 2021


A consistent favourite this year is the oversized style. Wearing such models isn’t only fashionable, but comfortable. Even in the most severe frost, you can easily put on a thick warm half-over or an elongated hoodie. A tailoring guide classic also brief ideas about suit tailoring and alterations.

What outwear to give your preference to?

  • Oversized coat with wide shoulders and bold sleeves;
  • Trench coat with a double-breasted closure and turn-down collar;
  • Leather jacket;
  • Warm parks;
  • Bomber Jacket;

As for the colours, beige, sand, and navy blue should be your preference. But at the same time, you shouldn’t give up a bright red shade, especially for 2021.

Basic Clothing

Fashionable men’s clothing for 2021 is divided into mainly three types:

Classic Style: Modern suits are somewhat different from boring mega-loose or too fitted and tight models. Wide, but slightly tapered to the bottom, trousers with an ironed arrow, loose jackets, and a three-piece suit with a vest. Fashionable costume prints like cage and stripes.
Street Style: It’s customary to add checkered shirts and denim jackets to fashionable men’s looks in 2021. Unisex style and the same family look are especially welcome.

Men’s Shirts

Shirts in dark blue are called the most fashionable, but other bright or pastel colours are also suitable, including yellow, white, pink, metallic, and others. A fitted shirt with rolled-up sleeves, made of satin, cotton, denim, and linen. You can wear it with classic trousers and leather ones also. For the summer season, shirts with prints and ties provide an excellent look.

Pastel Colours and Bright Colours

It’s no surprise that designers showed a lot of pastel colours. Pink and blue are the most prominent. However, a stylish all-pink silk suit could be a must-have this summer. In parallel with pastel fashion, you can also see a really colourful trend with real colour explosions. You can dress in bright red from head to toe, or go trendy in a bright yellow blazer and mint green pants.

Fashionable Men’s Pants

Looking for trendy pants? Look for leather or suede. Of course, you don’t need to give up the classics, but you can add your own flavour to it. You can also choose oversized t-shirts, narrowed, classic, shortened tubes, with stripes, and straight.

Casual Suits

This is a two-button 80s suit that is trending this spring because the casual fashion continues with casual wear in beige and white tones that can be worn at home in the country or in the summer in the city. It should be big and just handy. A good choice is an oversized blue suit in different shades of blue. Spring also has trench coats. And this year, they’ll be oversized. Here you can be a little bolder and [air the trench coat with other unexpected details like Bermuda shorts, slippers or wide-leg pants etc.

Beach Fashion

On the beach, you want to wear swimming trunks and sunglasses, but also have a special look so that you can use them all day. There are several choices when it comes to swimwear, minimalistic swimming trunks. This summer, you can buy narrower models with bright patterns and vibrant colours like bright red, bright green, or pink in combination. For a casual beach look, you need to think a little and choose a better suited for summer.

Wrapping Up!

The above-mentioned guide is all about men’s fashion in 2021. But, altering a suit from a professional tailor store is also an excellent option. There are a number of professional tailors providing bespoke suits in Sydney and other countries. For choosing the fitted one, you can hire a professional who is well-experienced and has knowledge in tailoring.