A Comprehensive Guide on iPad Battery Replacement!

Has your favourite iPad stopped charging or started to malfunction during use? Have you noticed that the battery lasts only a few hours? Then you need to urgently replace the iPad battery.

There is no doubt that smartphones and tablets are very technological advancements. But sometimes, their batteries aren’t able to perform for a longer period of time.

Doesn’t matter which model of iPad you bought. But the battery is always at a premium. There are some situations that directly hit battery life. Maybe it’s draining faster than it should, or perhaps you’ve fallen into a problem with accidental shutdowns. In such a situation, you’re left with the inevitable question – what can you do about it?

Of course, you must hire a professional for iPad repair. The market is equipped with various experienced specialists who provide services regarding computer repair, iPhone repair, and many others. By hiring such skilled staff, you can successfully restart your device without any fuss. Additionally, there are a number of things you can do to enhance the performance of your iPad battery and keep it running in top working condition.

However, this guide will elaborate on iPad battery replacement.

So, let’s have a look at the following!

Table of Content

iPad Battery Replacement

  • Under Warranty iPad Battery
  • iPad Battery Replacement With Expired Warranty
  • Get Battery Replacement From Apple Repair Shops

Wrapping Up

iPad Battery Replacement

Before going through the procedure of your iPad battery replacement, you must examine what is available and what isn’t available for replacement. Here are the following four ways that you must consider. Let’s have a look at the following.

Under Warranty iPad Battery

If you’re a member of AppleCare+ or your iPad battery is still under warranty, congratulations, you’re lucky. In both cases, the Apple store will successfully replace the battery of your iPad. And it will cost you nothing to get the battery replacement.

But how to get certain about your battery warranty? Well, this is also easy to figure out!

For this matter, you must have to check the serial number, then enter it into the Apple Warranty Checker tool on their official website. By hitting Settings and then General, you’ll find the serial number. Then jump to About, and go through the Serial Number section.

So, whether your phone is still under warranty or you’re a member of AppleCare+, you can scroll the Apple website and click the Start a Service Request button. Now, fill out the form and a replacement will come in the mail. At the same time, you will receive a scheduling appointment at Apple Store to replace your battery. But before sending your phone for replacement, it’s recommended that – backup your device and wipe it clean.

Alternatively, you can visit the Apple Store after scheduling the appointment with an Apple professional. These experts will first examine your iPad to determine the issues associated with it. They will also get successful in figuring out the actual reason for battery failure.

Moreover, the professionals will handle your iPad replacement and provide the new iPad within 3-5 business days. If there isn’t any Apple Store in your nearby area, you can book your battery replacement appointment through their official website.

iPad Battery Replacement With Expired Warranty

So suddenly, your iPad stops working and, at the same time, you find that it isn’t any more under warranty. But, you still want to make a battery replacement. There are various viable options available for you. But this time it cost you charges. If you ship your iPad to the Apple Store, they will replace the battery and charge a cost for shipping and handling.

So, you want to opt for battery replacement services, it’s recommended that request on the Apple support website or visit their store. If the price of the replacing iPad battery seems genuine, you might have to go for this option. But, if you have an older generation iPad, it doesn’t seem a good option. In this case, you must have to buy a newer one.

Get Battery Replacement From Apple Repair Shops

With the availability of various authorized Apple repair shops, you can replace the battery of your iPad hassle-free. These repair shops are capable enough in providing quality services and repairing the Apple screens and batteries. These shops are available in malls and offer services at all affordable costs. If you want to get an iPad battery replacement, give preference to highly authorized and reputable stores as the specialists of these shops are experienced, skilled, and well-trained. But, before choosing one, it’s recommended that take into consideration their previous customer reviews and the services they’re providing.

For instance, the specialists of apple repair in Singapore are highly-proficient in providing high-quality services regarding iPad battery replacement.

Wrapping Up

Batteries need to be replaced over time. And at the same time, an iPad battery is not user-replaceable. It should only be replaced by an Apple Authorized Service Provider. Apple Authorized Service Providers also dispose of iPad batteries in accordance with local laws and regulations.

The things you can do to enhance the battery life:

  • Under no circumstances, the device should be fully discharged and the charge should not be kept below 10%.
  • It is advisable not to leave the device charging overnight. When it reaches 100%, quickly disconnect it from the power source.
  • The apps in the multitasking pane do not “eat up the battery” and can be left open.
  • Always charge your iPad with good quality chargers.

For example, if you need iPad repair in Singapore, you can call the professionals of the iDevice Repair Centre at any time.