A Comprehensive Guide On How To Apply Stain On a Hardwood Floor

This post is for the ones who are hardwood floor professionals and experienced individuals. As experts, we would like to recommend that homeowners who are interested to stain or refinish their hardwood floors must get in touch with a professional when they are not professionals themselves. You can find numerous online portals and platforms where you can find trusted hardwood floor professional for your locality who can very well make use of water based stain for hardwood floors. Having said that, here are the most essential equipment that you’ll be required for the entire project — sander, random orbital buffer, palm sander, hardwood floor stain, applicator (for those who are not using buffer to apply stain), and carpet pads (if you are making use of a buffer to apply stain). Also, refinishing and staining the floor can work wonders to breathe new life into it. Below, we discuss the major steps to stain a floor.

Step #1: Make sure that the floor takes the stain well. There are some particular species, such as fir, maple, birch, and pine that usually do not take well to stains. Keep that in mind and act accordingly.

Step #2: The second essential step is to test it out. Examine and Test out the stain in an unnoticeable floor area. That being said, you also need to keep in mind that the test will never completely match the expected end result. This process, however, will show you things that you can adjust. If you intend to water pop, see to it that the it is done on the section that you are going to test, this is because water-popping generally makes the stain look darker.

Step #3: The third step is to sand the floor. This is a critical step is crucial and it needs to be accomplished correctly because the stain will many times disclose any sanding or screening imperfections it is completely dried out. The grit that you begin the process with will rely on how much damage the floor has sustained and what is required get down to bare (smooth) wood. In the most usual settings, you’d want to do this in three different passes, by using a less aggressive sandpaper grit every single time. In addition to that, see to it that a proper sanding sequence is followed. Using an edger to smooth out the toekicks and numerous other difficult to reach areas will definitely help.

Along with these essential steps, you also need to screen the floor, clean up the dust and apply the stain. And also, don’t forget to use premium quality pre stain wood conditioner in Los Angeles or anywhere else for that matter. As an optional measure, you can also water pop the floor.