A comprehensive guide about cybex sirona s car seat

Sirona S Convertible Automobile Seat

The cybex sirona s car seat is the first convertible car seat in the United States to have a 360° rotating seat with a load leg, allowing the transition between rear-facing and forward-facing positions simple and uncomplicated. The Sirona S load leg stabilises the seat and reduces crash forces greatly. These features, along with an EasyLockTM bar for fast, easy, and secure installation, provide superior safety protection for children and better peace of mind for their parents.

Innovative, one-handed, 360-degree rotating seats make it easy for parents to place and remove their children.

The load leg stabilises the vehicle seat and may minimise spin by up to 30 percent in certain collisions.

Only convertible car seat in North America with a single installation for rear- and forward-facing modes.

The EasyLockTM bar decreases installation force by up to fourfold for a fast, easy, and secure installation.


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Correctly strap your kid in the car seat

Your kid is secured with a five-point harness in a Sirona S i-Size. The child’s harness should be secured such that one hand may fit between the harness and the child’s body.

In a forward-facing position, this harness system is equipped with Energy Reduction Technology, which reduces the stresses on a child’s neck by about 20 percent during a front collision, compared to other current harness systems.

Fitting Sirona S i-Size inside of your automobile

Prior to purchasing, it is essential to confirm that the Sirona i-Size is compatible with your car. This is due to the fact that the Sirona S i-Size is an ISOFIX-only seat that can only be placed in i-Size-compliant cars or vehicles having ISOFIX anchoring points.

Please check to the compatibility list on the cybex Canada website before to purchase to see whether the Sirona S i-Size is compatible with your car.

Setting child’s legs to rest on the rebound bar

Infants who are somewhat tall may rest their legs on the rebound bar. Knee flexion has no negative effect on safety. As long as the kid has enough legroom, we suggest using the seat in the rear-facing position, which exposes the youngster to less force in a crash.

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