A Comprehensive Approach in Nursing Home Billing

Homework is an important aspect of avoiding denials for nursing homes. The hospital’s administrative staff should know how to get in touch with the nursing home to obtain each patient’s demographic and insurance information and determining whether the physician is contracted with the patient’s insurance provider.

For minimizing denials, this determination should take place quickly. For patients with Medicare, it should take place before the first mandated visit, which Medicare states must occur within 48 hours of admission to the nursing facility. Hence it is quite clear, that managing all your efforts with nursing home billing is a time consuming as well as a tedious process.

It is well understood that as a hospital, you need to find an able partner that can address all your practice management challenges, reduce your pending volume of A/R’s, submit the claims clean by performing all the tasks with eligibility checks authorization on time.

However, it often becomes critically difficult for you to find a real-time partner that can help in addressing all these challenges quickly and in the right context. Someone that offers a full-service approach as well as is flexible in offering standalone services that meet immediate priorities.

Sunknowledge does it all in nursing home billing

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