A compound in Egypt in New Cairo

Since buying a new property is a source of undue anxiety and stress for many families, it is definitely worth considering all of the living options available to you. In recent times, combined living in Egypt has become a popular accommodation option, especially for families. There are many options, such as properties of different sizes and types or the various amenities and facilities available on the property.

How about living in a Non-compound residential area?

If you think a combined space is not the right choice for you and your family, you may want to consider living in a detached residential property. This has advantages:

For starters, you’ll find a variety of options for shopping areas, restaurants, daily services, and entertainment options. Everything is at your fingertips, sometimes within walking distance, and you are not limited to living among a particular class of residents. But the biggest advantage is the availability of gas stations, clubs, schools, and transportation. And as you can imagine, the property is much more affordable.

However, you will have to get used to all the noise and pollution. You may also experience a general lack of security and privacy and problems finding a suitable parking spot. Although green areas vary from neighborhood to neighborhood, they are practically nonexistent.

I hope this article will serve as a knowledge base to help you decide if compound living is right for you. Check out some of the best Egyptian Compounds on our website in al rehab.

Compound Living in Egypt: What’s in it for You

According to real estate experts, there are many advantages when it comes to living in a complex:

​Perhaps one of the biggest benefits is that they are gated, secure, and private sites, which keep residents at a reasonable distance from the outside world – providing complete peace of mind and a certain level of privacy. And with security cameras and a dedicated security team, you have nothing to worry about – it’s almost like owning the whole building.

Egyptian enclosures are rarely overcrowded. Due to the limited number of residents, the atmosphere is quite calm and serene. So there is not that bustle that is usually expected, for example, in apartments or any crowded residential city. A significant advantage is that you will never have to worry about someone occupying your parking space, whether it is indoor or outdoor, or whether you have your own private parking space.

However, if you choose not to drive or own a private car if you’re lucky enough, your resort management company may offer residents transportation to and from certain areas.

Interestingly, Compound Living was designed to provide residents with a certain level of luxury and ease of access – eliminating the need to travel off-campus for food and daily necessities or recreation and travel.

Finally, the compounds offer lush landscaping as the perfect backdrop for a family picnic or a relaxing afternoon spent. You can also come across fountains, pools, and artificial ponds to further enhance this beauty.

Why is New Cairo the best place to live these days?

The truth is that Egyptians and non-Egyptians see New Cairo as one of their top choices to live a life of luxury while enjoying the same services provided in the capital. Let’s see why New Cairo might be your perfect option!

The remarkable thoughts of investors and developers to transform New Cairo into one a European-type city are amazingly represented in the authentic world-class housing unit designs at the best sites in New Cairo. Still, great significance has been given to quality and safety.

Thanks to al rehab facilities, New Cairo is home to many of the most well-known shops and commercial brands so that residents can find all their needs in the area. And until then, New Cairo should share similarities with the capital in its full integration.

Cairo Festival Mall is a true example of a respected commercial facility that can be considered a common sport among the top 10 campuses in New Cairo.

More importantly, the construction of the city and the distribution of services among the top 10 campuses in new Cairo represent a clear examination of customer needs in the form of a group of services.

To elaborate, most people moving to New Cairo are new couples or parents looking for substantial care and entertainment for their children. The educational services available in the area are the primary concern of buyers. Safe and fun children’s areas are also planned!

Here you can see some standard features of the best compounds in New Cairo:

●       Palm Hills 6 October, offers private garages everywhere.

●       International schools and private universities.

●       Swimming pools in different sizes

●       The vast green areas, a common feature in the top 10 compounds in new Cairo, collaborate in creating breathtaking views.

●       The green parks were set on a sprawling New Cairo and assisted in building a free- carbon dioxide community where residents could inhale fresh air.

●       New Cairo’s top 10 compounds host many restaurants and cafes that serve mouth-watering tastes and different cuisines.

●       New Cairo is well-known for its high-sky Commercial malls where residents of New Cairo can find all their needs.

●       Private garages and surveillance cameras.

●       Proficiently -paced roads (lights)

●       Twenty-four hours of maintenance services are provided in New Cairo to help residents solve all their devices within hours.

●       Regular maintenance for units for twenty-four hours.

●       Wellness hub services are provided with excellence within the districts and compounds in New Cairo.


A compound is a parcel of land used for community or multi-generational living. It usually consists of a large house with at least one and possibly several other houses and common facilities, all located within the same compound.