A  Complete Guide To Posterior Lumbar Decompression and Fusion Treatment


The overall lifestyle today has led to the growth of multiple spinal issues. If the spinal cord and the nerves of the lower region of the spine are affected, then you would start feeling considerable pain in the lumbar region. Now, this is the issue that can create complete discomfort in your daily living and make you suffer physical disabilities. Well, you can recover from the condition by getting the Lumbar Treatment in India.

The doctors in India have the expertise to provide successful treatment for the Lumbar Decompression. Let us first know what the procedure is for the Lumbar Decompression Treatment?

What Is The Posterior Lumbar Decompression and The Fusion?
The lumbar region of the spine is made of six spatial discs. It is L1 to L5. Now, the compression on the underlying curves of the lumbar region can be removed by the removal of the discs. It is a surgical process.

In this process, the doctors also use the combination of Spinal Fusion, to stabilise the spinal cord. In this process, a metal rod is used to support the spine. The gap in the spine might cause significant issues, and also the failure of the physical abilities. So, a spinal fusion is done to improve the functionality.

After the Posterior Lumbar Decompression Therapy and The Fusion surgery of the spine, the patient can live a healthy life. However, there can be a considerable recovery time a patient has to spend after the lumbar decompression surgery. So, make sure you follow all the instructions of the doctor at the time of the recovery.

What is The Cost of Lumbar Decompression Treatment in India?

Lumbar Treatment Cost in India starts at USD 4,500, and it can go maximum up to 7,000 US dollars. The cost is around one-tenth the overall cost of the treatment in other countries across the globe. The minimum price of the treatment in India attracts the maximum number of healthcare travellers to the state every year. The best part is in spite of having the low-cost of the surgery; there is no compromise with the quality of the treatment.

The success of the surgery in India is approximately 95%. It is higher than any other countries across the globe. Also, there are no post-surgical complications. The doctors here provide post-surgical care along with the treatment.

Final Words:

Do not allow your condition to get worse when you can recover. The treatment can make you overcome the pain and also other signs, symptoms of the spinal disease. If the procedure is not considered on time, it can lead to complications in the other parts of the body.

You can also lack the ability to sit, stand or continue with any of the body movement. The pain and mobility can get little impossible with time. It is better to take the medicines as prescribed by the doctor and then start with the surgical process at the earliest.