A Complete Guide To Parental Controls

Are you concerned about your kids’ internet safety? If you say yes, then it is your responsibility to keep children secure on digital platforms using parental control software.

In this digital era, when technology provides unbound access to cyberspace, it is also associated with online risks. Even if parents teach good digital principles, it may not be possible to keep kids away from potential internet scam and all explicit content. Here’s where parental control comes in.


If you have never taken advantage of kids safety tools, you have got a lot to catch up on. Stay tuned with us to find out everything about parental controls.

What Is Child Monitoring Software?

It is an application designed to benefit both parents and kids.

Parents can keep a close watch on child’s digital tasks like the type of content they view, hours they spend on apps, who can contact them and much more. Kids tracking application enables parents in controlling and restricting various online activities of children.

While talking about kids, they can safely browse the internet, ask parent’s support during emergencies, limit screen time, and control many other digital activities using child monitoring applications.

Parenting Tips: How Child Tracking Software Is Favourable?

  1. 1. Backup support for keeping kids safe online:

Cyberspace is a great place where user can learn and find unlimited entertainment and resources, but, on the other hand, it has potential online threats too. A lot of inappropriate and malicious content, online predators, child molesters, bullies prevails on the digital platform.

Even if children are aware of internet safety,  they are likely to make mistakes and are vulnerable to risky situations. Thus, it is important to have an application in place which safeguard’s kids online interests.

  1. Multiple applications and browser can be harmful:

When the child owns a smart device, they use an ample number of apps and software. It contains objectionable content which is inappropriate for kids to view. Some browsers redirect children to harmful apps like violence or dating apps, pornography, gambling sites, etc.

Kids safety app blocks unsuitable applications and ensures safe browsing.

  1. Let teens move freely:

Parents are worried when teens obtain a driver’s license and start exploring their driving patterns.

GPS tool of a child tracking app follows teens footsteps. It notifies parents about adolescent’s whereabouts, and Geofence boundary helps in tracking them in a better way.

Good parental control apps also offer Speed Limit feature to check teen’s driving speed and generates reports.

  1. Setting time limits on device usage:

Excessive screen time is not suitable for a child’s health, and parents may not always be present to enforce limit rules. Here, screen time control app comes in rescue. It helps parents in setting the curfew hours on multiple applications. Once the limits are set, children can use various applications for specified hours only. And they are saved from diseases like dry and irritated eyes, migraine, obesity, and many more.

  1. Emergency alert:

There is a handful of kids safety software like Bit Guardian Parental Control which provides Panic and SOS alert to help teens during emergencies (like child abduction).

One-click of SOS buzzes a loud siren and sends a notification and exact location of a child in the parent’s phone. Additionally, there is a facility to add guardian who acts as another responsible person if parents cant reaches their kids.

  1. Ensure safe calls:

As we have discussed about digital dangers that include cyberbullies and child molesters, they may try to contact kids. Parenting apps allow parents in blocking spam, unidentified, known, and unknown callers.

However, Bit Guardian enables parents in choosing the contact list for your teens and blocking suspected and other callers.

  1. Helpful in detecting lost phone:

Thought of losing a smartphone is unnerving, so imagine what will happen if it’s actually missing? Relax! Bit Guardian Parental Control offers Anti-Theft tool to find the lost or misplaced device.

Detect the lost device by making a ring or searching it on a map. Anti-Theft also offers Factory Reset tool to protect the misuse of data.

Since we are talking about Bit Guardian, let us take a deeper insight into this application.

What is Bit Guardian Parental Control?

It is an Android parental control app which facilitates parents in scrutinizing and restricting child’s internet use.

It is user-friendly software with a simple interface and easy downloading steps. This application renders exclusive features for complete digital protection of children.

  • App Install Blocker: Refrains children from installing new applications

  • Kiosk Mode: Provides indirect access (of child’s device) to parents by selecting a number of apps for kid’s use.

  • App Time Limit: Sets curfew hours on a group of similar applications.

  • GPS: Follows child’s whereabouts and notifies their speed limit

  • Call Blocker: Blocks the unknown, known and spam callers

  • Panic and SOS: Helps children in unforeseen situations

  • Time Schedule: Allows setting time for using various apps and also schedules the bedtime

  • App Blocker: Blocks the inappropriate and objectionable applications

How To Set Up And Use Bit Guardian Parental Control?

Step 1: Download this free Android software from Google Play store

Step 2: Enter parents credentials to login (as a parent)

Step 3: Enter the details of the number of kids you want to add

Step 4: Install this app on a teen’s device

Step 5: Go to child’s setting and start using the tools.

Don’t be negligent about teen’s online activities. Ensure kid’s safety using Bit Guardian Parental Control – one of the most trustworthy and reliable child tracking applications. It provides total digital security to children and rests parents worry.

Install this Android app today and enjoy the versatile benefits!



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