A Complete Guide to Opting for the Best ICCRC Agents in Delhi

Canada, renowned as the maple leaf country by the United Nations, is one of the top countries in the world for a blissful living. Hence, immigration to Canada is seen in large amounts. Thus, to take care of the best interests of the immigrants, aiding them in choosing the best visa consultancies. For protecting them against any potential fraud, the Government of Canada appointed a federal authority – Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), a self – regulating administrative entity. ICCRC safeguards every immigrant via few certified experts called RCICs, against the fraudulent companies that claim to be the best and sway off applicants’ money.


ICCRC Registered Immigration Consultants in India


The laws of the Canadian Government mandatorily required that the immigration experts/professionals offering Canadian immigration consultancy services for Indian applicants must be registered with ICCRC. These registered ICCRC agents in Delhi / other parts of India must be licensed and trademarked as the Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs), for improved authenticity and safety of immigrants.


Licensed RCICs in India


Every individual, henceforth, should check if the respective consultant chosen is an RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant). RCICs must work in the sphere of Professional Ethics as dictated by the CIC, like following the codes like the law books for RCICs and never work out of the domain of these guidelines.


The mechanism of workflow inside an RCIC, where certified lawyers support immigration consultancy services, is so apparent & transparent. They work so sincerely that they work right from the first basic application to the final stage where an applicant would receive his/her visa. The lawyers take not only the queries of the applicants but also the queries of the staff working there, assist through their thick & thin to ensure that the work is error-free and perfect.


Advantages of RCICs


RCICs have the privilege of directly communicating with the CIC with regards to an individual’s visa application. Meanwhile, other non – registered entities aren’t at all entertained. Hence, RCICs can deal with an application in the most genuine & transparent way, & can help in resolving disputes if any arise with regards to your application.


Yet another benefit of choosing an RCIC is that they must sign form IMM, which holds them liable for an applicant’s counsel as well as visa direction. Therefore, they are legally linked with the authority, and it is always highly safe. Thus, complete success/ refund for failure is always at an applicant’s reach.


RCICs, with lawyers who hold unmatchable expertise in the immigration laws, also have a greater knowledge of any changing/modifying rule or aspect of the Canada immigration is always at their reach.


Note that RCICs are not only Canadian firms but Indians firms, too, which are giving out Canadian visas to Indians. An ICCRC approved consultancy can work from any corner of the world as long as they stay on favorable terms with the ICCRC.


Why is Canadian PR important?


If hopeful applicants have required skilled sets, they are eligible to apply in some category of migration programs. But, the most common category for the best Canadian perpetual living arrangement is the PR visa. Canada. Obtaining the PR offers an applicant with surplus benefits such as Free Healthcare, Cost- Free Education, child welfare schemes, and even unemployment allowances, & more.


Thus, Canadian PR, helps one acquire a heavenly life in the best nation of the world, rendering the highest Quality of Life, for wholesome five years. PR Visa can be acquired either via Express Entry Program or Provincial Nomination Program (PNP).