A Complete Guide to Motorcycle Insurance

So, you’ve bought the motorcycle of your dreams. The helmet is here, the gear is prepared, the frame is polished. But don’t hurry to hit the road. Did you purchase the insurance for your iron horse? If not, you should do it as soon as possible.


Riding a motorcycle without insurance is illegal in many parts of the world. Also, by doing so, you put your own safety and financial stability at stake. Therefore, it’s better not to risk.


In this article, you’ll find the description of the most common types of motorcycle insurance, which can help you choose the most suitable for you. 


Collision Motorcycle Insurance

Though we are reluctant to admit it, motorcycle crashes happen very often. There are different reasons for it. For instance, even a very experienced motorcyclist can have an accident while hitting the road for the first time after a long winter break. You can also get distracted, even for a second, and, therefore, crash. 


Motorcycling is the activity that requires 100% of the attention at all times. But people easily lose it because of many things, and hence the frequent accidents.


Very often, crashes happen due to other reasons than the lack of concentrations. A slippery road after rain or snow, or a direct sunray hitting the eyes of a biker can also cause an accident. Additionally, even when you do everything right, the drivers of other vehicles can be guilty of causing an accident.


Very often, because of inattentive, drunk, or even high drivers, other people suffer on the road. It’s rather common in Nevada, where the city of sin is located. If such an unpleasant story occurred to you, you may even need to hire a motorcycle accident lawyer in Las Vegas. Indeed, it’s not rare to need help from a professional in order to solve legal issues wisely.


A collision motorcycle insurance is a coverage that helps you pay for repairing or replacing your car if it’s damaged in an accident with another vehicle or object, like a fence or a tree. Therefore, in case if a crash has happened, but you had valid collision insurance, you will not suffer financially. The insurance company will cover most of your expenses.


We all know how expensive motorcycle parts are. If you have a rare model, it might be very hard to get them. If you use custom bike parts, there is some bad news for you. Collision insurance covers only standard bike parts but not the custom ones. You should bear this in mind while making the next bike upgrade.


If you owe money for your bike, or if you’re leasing it, collision coverage usually isn’t optional; most lenders and leaseholders require it. Therefore, it may be a must for you.


What Does This Type Of Insurance Not Cover?

Apart from having a lot of advantages, this type of insurance does not cover many things. Here is the list of things that will not be covered by collision motorcycle insurance:


  • The damage caused to your vehicle by other factors not related to collision (flood, fire, hail theft),
  • Damage to another person’s vehicle,
  • Medical bills.


Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance

As it has already been mentioned, there are many other unfortunate situations where insurance is very handy. Collision is far from the only thing that can damage your motorcycle. Comprehensive insurance typically covers risks like theft, falling objects, or vandalism. So, if your motorbike has been damaged in a hailstorm, your comprehensive coverage may help you pay for repairing it. 


Also, bikes get stolen very often. If you have an expensive one, it’s better to be safe than sorry and purchase comprehensive insurance.


In order to decide whether you need this type of insurance, you always have to take into consideration the initial price of a bike. If the parts are rare and pricey and the motorcycle model is good, it will be worth purchasing comprehensive insurance.


Liability Coverage

Very often, a biker is not the only victim of the accident they cause. There might be many people who suffer from their actions. Usually, the person who is guilty of causing an accident covers all the damages to the party that suffered from it. These can be medical bills or the cost of repairing their vehicle. 


Once you purchase liability insurance, you should feel safer about these risks. In this case, the insurance company bears all the costs you have to pay in order to cover the damages you caused to other parties involved in an accident. Therefore, you can have peace of mind while hitting the road.


The Bottom Line 

Don’t hurry to hit the road if you have no bike insurance. Riding a motorbike is a fascinating experience, but it is also very dangerous. Neither a beginner, nor an experienced biker is protected from accidents. One day, motorcycle insurance can save you a lot of money.  Using this guide, consider your needs and try to choose the most suitable insurance. And it will make you feel much safer while chasing the sunset on your bike.

Ellen Hollington

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