A Complete Guide to Guard Tour System

A Guard Tour System is a combination of hardware and software that includes information regarding the places security guards have taken rounds at patrolling property, technicians monitoring climate-controlled environments, and correctional officials checking prisoners living areas. The data is useful for them and other users as well. Areas they visit are known as checkpoints which consist of round, tour, or patrol. These systems are backed by data loggers and RFID sensors, it records the time when an employee reaches a certain point on the tour. 

Formation of System

* Guard Patrol Reader: –

Readers such as RFID and GPS are utilized for sensing and data is communicated through the USB port and download stations.  There are some gold-plated readers also which are beneficial due to their stability and waterproof quality. Light-weighted readers are one of the most popular ones due to easy usage by QR Codes or barcodes.

* Guard Patrol Tags: –

Tags such as time, ID, checkpoints, virtual tags, event tags are scanned through QR Codes. Then upload the input to the software to get the report.

* Guard Patrol Software: –

– Desktop: – This version of the software can work only on one computer.

– Local Network Client-Server: – It works using Local Area Network (LAN).

– Web-Based Version: – It has a wider scope; it can work everywhere with Internet access.

Additionally, the software uses GPRS and GPS to track real-time location records. Generally, the software encompasses Patrol route, department, checkpoint, event, and plan. The software will then have specific tours for inspectors to complete, shows results whether inspection has been completed or not, specific temperature, any kind of notes, etc. Such software includes GuardTools, UniGuard, Trackforce, etc.

Industries Requiring Guard Tour Patrol System: –

* Finance Institutes: – Guard System is useful for such organizations as it reduces the risk of internal and external threats.

* Educational Institutes: – This technique assures students, teachers, and other staff safety and raises the reputation of the school. Because ongoing inspection reduces the chances of casualties.

* Property Business: – Real estate business can benefit from the services of the Guard Patrol System. By keeping an eye on all properties regularly to prevent any damage and hence keeping its value intact.

* Transportation System: – Transportation owners can avail the advantage of the Guard Patrol System by keeping a track record of the movement of all vehicles, a timely checkup of vehicles, etc.

* Warehouse Department: – To assure the security status of their merchandise.

* Manufacturing Industry: – Guard Patrol System is very beneficial for the manufacturing business. Records of inspection of inventory, finished goods, and raw material are collected and reduces the risk of theft, fire, or leakages if any as a continuous review of data assures removing discrepancies at the earliest.

Advantages of Guard Tour System

* Reduces Paperwork: – Traditional way of inspection is by visiting every place and noting down data on a notebook or any other paper. Data generally comprises of time of visit, any incident to be recorded, suggesting ways to improve, and finally review later on.

This whole process takes a considerable amount of time and effort to make. Therefore, guard software makes work simple and apparent without the use of paperwork, lowering the chance of deterioration, mutilation, damage to documents.

* Accountability: – Several security guards, inspectors, and other employees maintain data to provide reliable information. But still, there are obvious reasons for fake information as a person might show incorrect information about visiting checkpoints, false timing, hiding missed checkpoints, and many more.

Therefore, security guard software comes as a rescue in terms of accountability of employees’ work and ensures reliability as whole data is retrieved in the database of software. And it can be used anytime and anywhere.

* Data Analysis: – The system provides an efficient way to gather, analyze, and edit data large amounts of invaluable information about the protected areas at just one click in no time. It can be further exported as well to other departments and organizations to analyze to comprehend the malfunctions at various levels and make efforts to improve them.

Moreover, all advantages and usefulness signal its relevance in the modern world. And its rapid demand has increased owing to its world-class services All these compromises a highly effective strategy for any industry. As a consequence, the introduction of guard patrol software will increase performance and reliability, therefore, the popularity of the organization will also hike up.