A Complete Guide to Buying Steel Lockers For A Sports Facility

Commonly used in sports facilities, including soccer clubs, cricket clubs, gyms and training centres,steel lockers offer both athletes and facility owners several benefits. However, when buying steel lockers for sports facilities, there are several things that should be considered. Here are some of them:

How are the lockers going to be used?

The lockers will likely store street clothes, personal belongings and any electronics the athletes may have on them for a sports facility. Athletes may also stash their sweaty sports clothing or damp towels in these lockers. As such, they need to be big enough to allow athletes and gym-goers to store all their belongings in, but also need to be adequately ventilated to prevent odours from seeping into the locker.

The best steel lockers for sports facilities have perforations in the door to allow air to pass through and provide ventilation. Good air circulation enables wet clothes to dry and prevents the build-up of mould and mildew, causing hygiene risks and lingering odours.

How much space do you have?

For a smaller sports facility, such as in a school, the available space in a changing room may not be large enough to place too many roomy lockers in. However, reliable locker suppliers will take advantage of vertical space, customise lockers based on the available space and use optimising techniques to provide you with the ideal solution.

Many steel lockers are available as single units or combined units of 2, 3 or even 6 lockers. Depending upon your needs and the space you have, you will need to contact the steel locker provider and learn about your possible options before investing in them.

What material do you need?

Lockers are available in several different materials, including wood, plastic, steel and laminate lockers. For a sports facility, stainless steel lockers are almost always the best option since they are durable and water-resistant and can hold heavy weights. Wood lockers can often rot when exposed to too much moisture, absorb odours due to their porosity and give mould and mildew the perfect breeding ground. On the other hand, phenolic lockers are extremely heavy, making them quite challenging to install. Similarly laminate lockers are both affordable and durable, but requires significant maintenance, as the laminate can chip easily, exposing the wood underneath to moisture damage.

Because a sports facility’s locker room is likely to be frequently exposed to water, sweat and humidity, stainless steel lockers are the best option.

Do you need locks?

To ensure the safety of your athletes’ belongings, it is vital to install functioning locks on all the lockers in your building. The most common types of locks include:

● Cylinder locks: ideal for lockers with a single user, such as students in a school, this kind of lock come with two keys and is the easiest and cheapest to install and replace.
● Hasp locks: secured with a padlock, this kind of lock is ideal for use in gyms, leisure centres and other public places since it allows users to bring their personal padlocks and keys to secure their belongings.
● Combination locks: ideal for places where several people use the same locker, perhaps on different shifts, such as leisure centres, hospitals or gyms; this kind of lock opens through a combination number.
● Digital combination locks: most commonly used by businesses and large organisations, these locks are battery-operated and can be programmed to be opened through more than one code.

Depending upon the kind of sports facility you own, the type of locking system you choose will be different.

What if I need custom colour lockers?

Most steel lockers can be painted the colour you want them to be. When the interior of your sports facility is following a particular theme or colour scheme, it is essential for your lockers to match, or else the locker room may look out of place. While many locker manufacturers and providers have lockers available in different colours, many others may also be able to customise your lockers based on your requirements. So if you need the logo of your sports facility to be painted on each locker or want a blown-up image to be painted on the entire wall of lockers, the manufacturer may be able to bring your vision to life.

If you operate a sports facility, leisure centre or gym, you should consider investing in high-quality steel lockers. Steel lockers provide visitors with a safe and secure place to stash their belongings as they work out, train or play, causing fewer security risks. Many people come to the gym straight from work and may bring important, confidential documents, expensive equipment, and work clothes. Providing them with secure lockers protects them from theft and also protects you from legal trouble.