A Complete Guide to Bathing a Newborn Baby

A newborn baby or an infant is probably the most precious thing on earth. Surrounded by happy faces and caring hands, this baby is always cared for with deep love and nurturing. Keeping the baby fuss-free and happy depends a lot on how fresh and clean they feel.

Just like adults, babies feel relaxed and calm when they are clean and fresh. But bathing an infant is a whole universe of science and knowing how to use the right methods and baby products online India offers bought specially for the child.

Bathing an infant

Bathing an infant is quite complicated and there are several myths and facts out there. Every couple may feel differently about the process and when you can begin to bathe the baby. It is important to know the facts and then come up with a personal plan based on the baby and the parent’s perspective.

From a medical perspective, it is important to wait for a few days until the umbilical cord of the baby naturally falls off. Also, if the baby is a boy, it is important to wait for the circumcision wound to heal before exposing the genitals to water.

There are many such important medical facts that need to be discussed with the doctor before proceeding with routine baby cleaning. Without the proper information, the parents may risk exposing the baby to unwanted moisture or water retention in wounds that may cause infections to the baby.

Guide to Bathe the Baby

  1. Choosing the method of Bathing

The first step is to choose whether to bathe the baby with water or use a sponge bath. A sponge bath is recommended for babies that are very young and who are yet to recover from circumcision wounds. A parent may find it easier to transition from sponge bath to regular tub bathing and it gets the baby familiarised with the process as well.

  1. Holding/Placing the Baby Correctly

If it is a sponge bath, lay a bunch of towels or a sheet to properly hold the baby in place and soak all the water. If the baby is going to bathe traditionally in a tub of water, the baby’s head must be held along with his shoulder and placed on the legs of a parent in an upright position for support. Use only lukewarm water, never hot or too cold.

  1. Use Mild Products

Use the mildest baby products such as a gentle baby wash to cleanse the baby. Use the sponge to lightly coat the diluted soap onto the baby’s body. Apply a diluted amount of liquid on the baby’s body if it is a tub bath. Never use products on the baby’s face directly. Choose safe baby products online India websites to ensure there are no chemicals or toxins in any of the products.

  1. Use a Washcloth

Use a washcloth to wipe off all the product and the soap and cleanse the baby. In a tub bath, wash off the baby and quickly wipe the excess water with a fresh washcloth to prevent the baby from getting cold. Quickly dress the baby in warm towels.

  • Special Note

Cleanse the baby’s face, ears, back of the head, shoulder, and genitals thoroughly with a washcloth as there should not be any residue of baby wash. Place special attention on any skin rolls as well. Pat dry and moisturize with oil/lotion if needed.